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breed a dwarf - 11/05/2020 (twin dwarves were ibfed!!)
breed an amp - 12/07/2020 (twin mane succubae were ibfed!!!!)
breed a combo base - 11/17/2020 (citrine baby!!)
breed a clean +1k stat lion - n/a
breed a first-gen hybrid - n/a (but birthed my first hybrid cub on 04/08/2021!)
breed a lethal - n/a

breeding successes:
the ONLY gilded dorsal fur as of 12/01/2021 - Midas
the ONLY asali dorsal fur as of 02/10/2024 - Resa

have 100:gb: at any point - 02/17/2021 (had exactly 100:gb:!)
have 1000:gb: at any point - n/a (12/05/2021; had 300:gb:!)

You pad through the vast savannah under the watery starlight, your steps careful and measured as you approach what seems to be the edge of another Pride’s territory. The heat from the pounding sun has soaked into the ground, so you find yourself quite warm, but tired from your journey.

Though your kingly manner wants you to trample right across their scent markers, you force yourself to wait by the border for a patrol.

Soon enough, a handsome but plain-looking sub-male stalks towards you. As he approaches, he seems to be unbothered by the hoard of cubs at his paws, and he sniffs the air, parting his jaws to smell your scent. “You’re not from around here! You must be tired, c’mon! I’m sure Kala won’t mind,” The lion boasts, puffing his chest out.

You ask for his name, and he promptly replies, “Oh, you can call me Snort.” Your whiskers twitch in amusement but you accept this without another word.

The many cubs seem to accept you quickly and scurry under-paw unapologetically, squealing and purring. The sub-male leads you through their territory, towards a large natural formation of caves up ahead. A towering cliffside was pocked with many cave entrances, each with an adolescent guarding them.

As you approach the mouth of the largest cave, Snort stops and ushers the cubs inside. “You’re welcome to stay the rest of the night,” He offers amicably. “I’ll deal with Kalaraja. Just… don’t overstep, y’know? She’s very picky about who breeds with who. Weird, but she’s a good Queen.”

You murmur in agreement and watch as Snort disappears inside, his tail disappearing behind the curtain of semi-withered vines draped over the entrance of what seemed to be this Pride’s home.

Lions living underground. Hrrmph.

[Pride Rules: King Alamar]
1. The King’s word is the law – disobeying or doubting his word will result in banishment from the Pride. The banishment will only end if and only if the pride member returns with at least five new scars and highly valued gifts for the King and High Queen. Upon the offender’s return, they will decide if they have proven their worth to the Pride and whether they are allowed to rejoin their ranks.

2. Every half-moon, the Seer will oversee a Starfest and decide which Youths are worthy of the Trial of Crowns, an event in which they will compete for the title of High Prince(ss).

3. Once a High Prince(ss) is crowned, the King will decide whether to nominate another Youth to compete against the soon-to-be heir in the last battle called the Scar.

4. Returning Hunters and pregnant or nursing lionesses are allowed the first pick of the hunt, as they must keep their strength to continue protecting and caring for the Pride.

5. Queens and Huntresses must have explicit permission to breed with and bear the cubs of outside Kings or submales—exceptions apply to the Princesses, who may decide who they take as their mate freely.

6. Cubs are not to be named until they reach their Youth. They will be named by the King himself when they reach the proper age.

7. All Youths must prove their worth before they are accepted as True Cubs of the Pride by enduring the Trial – when the sky remains dark at night for the first time in a moon cycle, all Youths must leave the Pride, not to return until the moon is at its fullest. They must return with their first scar and a gift for the King and High Queen of the Pride, at which moment they will be allowed to choose their own name.

8. The Seer is to be the highest rank in the Pride during times of Chaos. They are the interpreters of the stars and therefore are the only ones that can guide the Pride back to the safety and protection of the spirits. They are either born blind or blinded by their ancestors when the current Seer dies.

[Current Events: Neutrality]
Food is bountiful, though tempers run short and flare due to overcrowding within the Pride’s borders. Extreme measures may have to be taken to maintain Peace among the Pride. Perhaps some lionesses will choose to leave and join another Pride.

This den has 18 lions that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!

Level: 13 Branch: The Olive Branch
Stats: 342 Territory: 80
Lionesses: 75 Beetle Slots: 12 / 24
Cubs: 66 / 400 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 2 / 4 Subordinate Males: ᑎIᖇᑎᗩᔕᕼᗩ
Rosy Brown [FILTHY]
Frozen Slots: 3 / 3 Cave Slots: 6 / 6
There are 11 lions with mutations in ᛕᗩᒪᗩᖇᗩᒎᗩ's pride.

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