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Hi there! Call me Stefanie, Stef or anything similar. Please be patient with me, i'm neurodivergent and English is my second language.
Feel free to send me a pm about anything! I'll try to respond as fast as possible.

► This den might have rumble/brawl and dirty lions!
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About the pride:

HTML by Quake#69866
Pixels by King-lulu-deer on deviantart.

- Art & Misc :-
Art of my first king by Karrugang (#143743)



















The Duskrise pride (WIP)

Written by ᴄᴀᴘᴘᴜᴄʜɪɴᴏ (#188320)
The desert seems to stretch on into eternity. The sun seers your back, not caring that sand is slowly blinding you. The occasional brave cactus stands watch over the soulless landscape, but even they are wilted. You lay on your side, and the ground sizzles in complaint. Your eyes begin to close..
“How on earth did you make it all the way out here?” a soft but confident voice inquires. A mighty shadow shades you momentarily from the ruthless heat. With great effort you open your eyes, and are faced with a vast lioness: tall and muscular, she dwarfs you in every sense. Her rich, deep red coat is intoxicating- her cool, swirling blue eyes make your throat cry out for water. Her coat is slashed with glossy black; no ebony is a purer midnight. Circles of the same bewitching coal criss-cross over each other on the rest of her fur, making you dizzy. “Come, Hibiscus. Our friend needs to get back to the caves and rest”. Her tone is concerned and caring.
From behind her trots a perfect mock; the creature is barely knee height, but shares the dizzying rosettes and rich red coat as the first lioness. Between them you are dragged a little way to a warren of caves. To your joy, a deep pond pleading for you to sip from it is settled before them.
After a little tending from the pride’s many skilled healers you are walked home by the very dignified- though miniature- hibiscus. You are touched by their kindness, but certain you will never venture into the desert lands again!

Pride leaders



Moonwatcher was the first leader of the Pride.
When he turned 10, Moonwatcher began to feel unwell and realised that it was time for an heir.
He was gone for a whole day and the Pride began to worry. But eventually he returned with Poinsettia, his heir, by his side.

Lone Wanderer Poinsettia
Level: 8 Branch: Ponderosa's Branch ☄
Stats: 343 Territory: 69
Lionesses: 9 Beetle Slots: 0 / 6
Cubs: 0 / 345 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 0 / 3 Subordinate Males: None!
Frozen Slots: 11 / 12 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 15 lions with mutations in Poinsettia's pride.

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