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Wicked Justice takes place in the harsh winter of 1983, following main character William Winchester; a humanoid dragon living in the deep woodlands of England. After discovering that the world he knows is not the only realm with living, breathing beings, William begins to uncover a terrifying tale of destruction and madness- all at the claws of his grandmother, Queen Delilah. Jumping through portals and hopping from realm to realm in a modernized(ish) fantasy action-adventure, William and his family must decide either to ignore the chaos and move on... or sacrifice their own lives for the sake of others... and maybe the entire Universe.

Interested in learning more about this upcoming animated series? Join my Discord server! Click the laughing doofus!

King of Thieves, the Lone Wanderer
Level: 9 Branch: Captain’s Bar
Stats: 188 Territory: 100
Lionesses: 97 Beetle Slots: 1 / 10
Cubs: 70 / 500 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 2 / 3 Subordinate Males: Berrytooth
Frozen Slots: 0 / 2 Cave Slots: 3 / 5
There are 72 lions with mutations in King of Thieves's pride.

King of Thieves's Player
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Kuai |G1 TriRos Wepwawet
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15 Pregnant Lionesses

Empty Cave Slot

Empty Cave Slot

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played by HeartKiller
Level 6 - 35 lionesses - 7 cubs
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played by Cedar
Level 15 - 183 lionesses - 96 cubs
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Cazador Szarr
played by Merry
Level 24 - 43 lionesses - 20 cubs
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Octavius Dawn 8x Dawn
played by 8X OCTA DAWN KING
Level 5 - 49 lionesses - 21 cubs
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𝕾𝖊𝖆𝖋𝖆𝖗𝖊𝖗 of Thieves
played by Jon
Level 7 - 19 lionesses - 7 cubs
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played by squiff
Level 11 - 14 lionesses - 7 cubs
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