Fog That Hides The Sun's Den

Fog That Hides The Sun

Hybrid Cub Achievement✔️
Breed one of every combo
Find a Mukembero
Acquire my Birthday RL (5/7/21)
Current Queen:
Velvet base, 14+ markings,
2xRosette, 325 stats, clean
Current Queen Goal:
Mut/stat/gen rep OG teeth
groupie during May Event
You're trecking through dense, alpine forests at the base of a huge mountain range when she finds you. You're caught off guard, startled by the sleek shape ahead. She's beautiful, with eyes that remind you of the early morning sky and a pelt rippled as if it were dusted in snow. Her mane gleams white, her bared teeth whiter, and she approaches you with a pained expression. "Trespasser," she hisses, circling you. "Turn around while you still can. These mountains are not for the weak."
Insulted, you scoff, and brush past the queen with heavy steps. You can feel her eyes burning into you as you depart, before she stops you with a brisk word. "If you're insistant on continuing," she says sharply, "At least allow my pride to shelter you for the night. Perhaps it will mean one less body we find thawed in the Spring."
You turn, meeting her gaze for a long moment before bowing your head, murmuring thanks. It couldn't hurt to rest for the night... and you were colder than you would have liked to admit.
(For pride interaction and more lore, read lioness bios)
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This den has 7 lions that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!

Fog That Hides The Sun, the Heavenly
Level: 8 Branch: Fog's Sales
Stats: 360 Territory: 40
Lionesses: 10 Beetle Slots: 0 / 6
Cubs: 6 / 200 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 0 / 3 Subordinate Males: None!
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 4 lions with mutations in Fog That Hides The Sun's pride.

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🩷Strawb🩷 [Velvet/2xRos]
Joined: 2022-02-16 11:40:47 Last Active: 2024-04-14 16:41:58

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