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Whether the pride needs shelter from the elements, or a comforting spot to sunbathe in, their territory is the provider.
Portions of their plains are sheltered by the mighty sprawling branches of the baobabs, a place for the lions to seek solace under whenever need be. Other areas are shaded by the blanketed flat tops of acacias. Needless to say, shade is not a problem. Though some of the forested areas are heavy with ground foliage. Many have to be wary when walking about here, as to not trip over a root or a rock.

Whenever the preference for sunbathing comes about, many of the lions opt for the more open region of their territory, the vast savannah plains. Long, yellow blades of grass stretch to eye-level and blanket the land for miles upon miles. The only counter to the constant hue would be the occasional dark-green spots of acacias, though the area stays barren of trees, and some like it that way for optimal sunbathing.
Abundant amounts of rocks and kopjes can be found sprawled and nestled within the savannahs. You may find many pride members stretched over these rocks belly-up. When you’re in the comfort of the sun atop of a large, warm rock, your naps are bound to have longevity.

Pride History

It began with the sound of thunder rolling through the sky. The first signs of it came from far away and high up in the clouds as lightning flashed on the horizon. Then, there came the crash of a heavy rain that fell like bricks upon the land, pelting the earth in torrents.
The resident pride was confused - they had never seen such a heavy storm before. Even the elders that had seen many storms pass were baffled by the monsoon. They did not know what to make of this strange weather, though they knew it would affect their regular duties for the day ahead. Regardless, they rested their heads down, and got some sleep.
As the lions woke from their slumber, they were surprised to still hear the sound of rain beating down on their caves. The sun was shrouded behind a thick layer of dark clouds, making the lands appear as though it was still night time.
The rain was so vicious that any pride regulations had to halt - patrolling, hunting, training. Nothing could get done out of fear and safety for the pride. All they could do was stay in their cave and hope for the best.

Days passed. There was no sign of stopping in the rain. The Shamans believed it to be a curse from the gods, as pension for the mistakes made by the ancestors of the pride. The pride prayed, asking for divine forgiveness from the gods.
One particular day, as they prayed, a voice spoke to them, telling them to send one lion to lands far away, and destroy a shrine their ancestors made to a false god. Only then would the rain stop.
And so, without hesitation, they sent a young male out to find this shrine and end the torrents, despite the dangers the pounding rain had birthed. The landscape turned into slush as mudslides destroyed everything. Great forests were uprooted, beautiful plains were flooded and drowned, creating powerful currents that would grab and drown anything foolish enough to get close.
The young male was thrashed around by the hazardous floods. Every paddle and kick against the currents sapped his strength. He made his way over to an ancient rainforest - one he had heard stories about from his pride. As the tale goes on, the rainforest is so powerful and deeply-rooted, it will be able to withstand even the strongest storms with ease. It seemingly had stood for thousands of years, and still does to this day.
The male sought it out, and eventually, he found it. He hauled himself out of the floodwater and onto the dry ground of the rainforest, bordered and protected by the mighty trees.

He was exhausted. All of the pushing against the currents tired him to the brink of death. He knew he couldn’t go on any further.
Another young male lion seeking refuge in the rainforest crossed paths with the exhausted lion. As a last resort, he explained everything to him - the journey to find the shrine to end the rain and ultimately save the suffering prides.

He didn’t believe it at first. It was a lot to take in. The exhausted lion uttered his last few words - where the shrine could possibly be located - before he took his last breath and died.
Regardless if he lacked faith that it was true, he wanted a way out of the constant rain. He wanted it to stop, and if destroying that shrine would do so, he’d do it. So, after a great amount of deliberation and planning using the instructions he was given, he set off.

The storm was relentless as he searched for possible signs of the shrine. Apparently, the shrine was located atop a large rock, rendering it visible from far away. As he navigated the marshy and hazardous terrain, his eyes swept the horizon. He did this for several hours, until there was a glimpse of hope. A bright flash of lightning revealed the outline of what appeared to be a small mountain, rising from the floodwater.
This had to be the shrine he was looking for. As he got closer to it, he could see more clearly, confirming his suspicion. He scaled the small mountain, and there it was. A pile of rocks, piled vertically, stretching into the sky. The bottom was littered with small bowls of incense, having been burned long ago.
He wondered how the shrine didn't get knocked over from the heavy winds. He also wondered how something so small could cause such destruction. Regardless, he didn't hesitate, smacking it down with his paws and sending the rocks toppling into the floodwaters below. He stomped on the old incense as it crumbled away like an old cobweb.

He waited. Nothing. He waited again, for several minutes more. Finally, a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds was visible. More cracks of sun began to appear in the dark sky, like it was breaking it apart. He watched as the blackness of the sky dissipated into what was the sweet morning light of the sun. It had been too long since he had seen it. It felt good to look at the sun. It felt good to no longer feel the rain constantly pounding on his back.

He decided to seek out the young male's pride, the one he met earlier that gave him instruction before he died of exhaustion. He felt as though he should let his pride know of his determination, regardless if he perished.
It was much easier to trek the landscape, but some hazards remained. He countered them with ease as his nose finally found the scent of lions he was looking for.

He scampered towards the direction of the scent, quickly discovering a large den with lions jumping around, giddy with excitement. Cubs jumped into the puddles, many lions looked at the bright sky, probably not used to seeing the sun after the events that had occurred.
Many glanced at him as he approached, believing him to be their young male they had sent out. However, he quickly corrected them, telling them that he was the one who destroyed the shrine, but their sub male had sadly perished.

Some were dismal over the news, but glad that he was the one to carry out what needed to be done. They told him that their king had perished as well amid the storms, trying to find a scrap of food for his starving pride. He died valiantly.
He could tell that they were suffering from the loss of their king, but regardless, they welcomed him into their pride, regarding him highly. The pride had considered making him their king, but he was unsure if he wanted to rule over a pride he barely knew. He decided to settle in first, then make his decision.

A few years passed. The land began to heal from the floods, herds moved back in and grazed on the fresh grass. Saplings began to grow again. During this time, the male inadvertently became king. It was a long process of providing for the pride that had welcomed in, protecting and defending them. One day, someone must've referred to him as the king, and he didn't correct them. In fact, he was glad to be the new leader of this pride.
They told him that they always regarded him as a leader, even if he didn't see himself as one.

The new king found a queen, and she gave birth to their heir, [🐚☟ mㄖ𝓾丂𝔼 �].
As [🐚☟ mㄖ𝓾丂𝔼 �]'s father grew old from years of ruling, he was called to the throne. He was kinged once his father had died, and his death was honored through tradition and ceremony of the pride. [🐚☟ mㄖ𝓾丂𝔼 �] was the new king now.


This den has 1 lion that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!

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