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My name is Woolgang and I was born with a rare mutation called Felis.When I was little I was often teased, the other lion cubs made fun of me because of my little tail as well as my two canine teeth sticking out of my mouth.I was often sidelined because of my differences.As I grew up, my business hadn't gotten any better, while the other lions had become strong and magestic, I had kept a different appearance.I was bigger and stronger than the other lions, my ears were pointed, my mane didn't grow as much as normal lions, my canine teeth always stood out more, and my nose was elongated.anyway, they didn't like me and made me understand that I didn't belong, so I left...I walked for weeks without really knowing where to go, a hatred in me was growing more and more, they all made me understand that I was a monster so I might as well be one for real.Wherever I went, I made terror bathe, I mercilessly destroyed all the pride I could finduntil the famous evening...I was walking along the banks of a river when I saw a lioness sitting looking at the stars, I crouched in the grass and approached without making a sound.The further I went, the more special this lioness looked. Her ear was not round but pointed, her tail was very short and her body very muscular.This lioness intrigued me very much, and I cracked a small branch as I came towards her, which made her jump and turn around.We were both at some point in the process of staring at each other without moving. Through her, it was me I saw, and I'm sure she thinks the same thing... I couldn't hurt him... She was lonely and lost, she left her pride, like me. We spent the night telling each other about our journey and since that evening, we don't know how to leave. We wandered, and hunted together, we were happy and it was all that counted. We both had found our place and we didn't want anything to change.The months went by and we settled in a cave, at first it was cold and damp then I brought moss, feathers, hair and grass to make a real little nest for us.(By the way, I didn't tell you, but my little lioness was called Cali and she was the lioness of my life)I also brought a lot of food, and the reason that Cali didn't come out of the cave much to help me with was because a little bundle of cabbage was growing in her belly.One fine day as I was coming back from hunting with a big fat warthog, I heard Cali calling to me, I ran as fast as I could, it was today, our little lion was going to be bornI felt like the delivery lasted forever when it must have lasted hours. The more time passed, the weaker Cali became.Night was starting to fall when the cub was finally born, I took him to wash him, the sunset made his black fur all shiny, our little lion cubs were already very big and with an advanced musculature for a lion cub of a few minutes, he also had a very small tail and guess what? Two small canine teeth.I then understood that he had been transferred, which made me even more proud of him and I was sure that he was going to have a very happy childhood with me and his motherwhen I finally lifted my head to look at Cali with joy, she was gone...

PROJECT My biggest dream would be to be able to bring Cali back to life

i like crb

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There are 2 lions with mutations in Hadess's pride.

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