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Welcome! <3

I don't have any lore so I don't really know what to put here but welcome! Also my Queens name is Eunha, which ( according to google translate ) means Galaxy in korean!

Horse reality

I also play Horse reality ( an online horse game ) so if you also play I would love to talk on their as well! I also go by Tiny_Fox and i breed Mustangs <3


Hi I am Tiny_Fox but you can call me Tiny if you like, I am very extroverted so sorry if I am a little much sometimes! Some of my hobbies are reading, listening to music (mostly K-pop, but i am not a simp, i promise! ), talking to my cats like a crazy person and crocheting, its a weird mix I know. :) If you want to talk about any of the things above shoot me a pm, even if your socially awkward I don't mind lol. I hope to see you later!!

Ignore this it's for me to copy paste for a forum game lol.

Wishlist( may make changes over time)
1) GB
2) sb 50+
3) any APPs
4) any muties
5) any breeding items ( even nesting mat )
6) any thing from the oasis
7) food ( at least 15 uses pls)
8) i really need a few Marking removals!!!

Surprises are fine just no junk or explore items( unless its food) pls!

Thank you!<3

Pet's name: fluffs
Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

Eunha, the Confused
Level: 10 Branch: The Goods
Stats: 251 Territory: 28
Lionesses: 19 Beetle Slots: 0 / 6
Cubs: 2 / 140 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 2 / 2 Subordinate Males: Gildesh
Frozen Slots: 1 / 1 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 10 lions with mutations in Eunha's pride.

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Joined: 2022-09-07 15:53:17 Last Active: 2024-06-12 13:01:46

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Level 12 - 15 lionesses - 3 cubs
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Level 9 - 13 lionesses - 16 cubs
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꧁༒༺ Adrastea ༻༒꧂
played by Moon🐾 (therian)
Level 10 - 31 lionesses - 13 cubs
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played by Fantasy_Lover_
Level 16 - 34 lionesses - 28 cubs
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Level 4 - 15 lionesses - 42 cubs
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$ Ṗöẗïöṅṡ Ḅṛëẅ $
played by 𝔹𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕝**
Level 5 - 2 lionesses - 1 cubs
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