I WILL be taking a hiatus after may has ended for up to a year or so, hopefully it wont be more than 6 months. I'm hoping to come back by December 22nd, my birthday.

The Duo of the dynamic

The Brother From Another Mother (TWINN)

My cringe / silly intro !

feeling so tired. makes me wanna fall apart.
What color are you?


Don't mind me, CSS testing :eyes:.

Saw this thing on tiktok:
"hey, i kinda like yo-"

Hi. The names i go by aree, Jaroslav, Jaro, Ano, Euni, issys (please, only use this when serious as this is one of my middle names.) rlly any nickname ya come up with. .
I'm a Transgender Gay Male. I go by He/Him/They. I'm in support of Therians and Furries, i own my own fursuit to go with friends to cons (Jugallo inspired, whoop whoop!). my silly little intro goes over a


more that this. , anyway i'd also like to say that i have Autism, ADHD, Atypical depression, and schizo symptoms. I try my best to keep others around me cheerful, but i think sometimes all i do is hurt people - so .. i like it when people come upfront and tell me something makes them uncomfortable or is bothering about me so i can try and correct my actions.
Im 17 years old. My birthdays December 22nd and I'm a Capricorn. I was born in Bremen, Germany. My family is very diverse. My favorite bands are Carmeldansen, Rammestein, Oomph!, Nirvana, and others.
My favorite colors are Sage Green, Forest Green, Xanadu, Caput Mortum, and Heliotrope!
I like to play roblox with friends, i like to draw as a hobby, and i write as a hobby aswell,
I'm studying to hopefully get into med school, but if i can profess in it my next go-to is agriculture. i go non-verbal sometimes .. :)

Some (song) quotes

Usually.. ones i relate too!
"Venus planet of love, was destroyed by global warming."
- Nobody by Mitski

"Tap Tap go the piece of ass!)"
-In my room by Insane Clown Posse (ICP, whoop whoop!1!)

"Let me see your runway walk,
Make your heels click, make the runway talk,
Come on, Pretty-ass women taking pictures,
They never come outside until they look vicious
Damn! What I gotta say to get a piece of that?"
-- Runway Walk (Bonus)

"Nursery rhymes are said, verses in my head
Into my childhood, they're spoon-fed
Hidden violence revealed, darkness that seems real
Look at the pages that cause all this evil"
-- Shoots and Ladders by KoЯn

"Ich bin der Reiter, Du bist das Ross
Ich steige auf, Wir reiten los
Du stöhnst, Ich sag dir vor
Ein Elefant im Nadelöhr"
-- Rein Raus by Rammestein

"And I swear that I don't have a gun
No, I don't have a gun
No, I don't have a gun"
-- Come as you are by Nirvana

"My favorite inside source
I'll kiss your open sores
Appreciate your concern
You're gonna stink and burn"
-- Rape me by Nirvana

"Put a Perky on her tongue (tongue)
Fuckin' all night, countin' monyun (monyun)
Damn, that head too dumb (goodbye)"
-- Too fun by French Montana (ft. Jenn Carter and i forgor)

"Before I die
I'd like to do something nice.
Take my hand and I'll take you for a ride"
-- Money by The Drums.

'Haven't I given enough, given enough?
Always the fool with the slowest heart
But I know you'll take me with you
We'll live in spaces between walls"
-- Glided Lily's by Cults

"And if it's right
I don't care how long it takes
As long as I'm with you
I've got a smile on my face
Save your tears, it'll be okay
All I know is you're here with me"
-- Here with me by D4vd

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