Jadis's Den

ADS: Selling ALL LIONS for ANY PRICE, just pm me
I have a lot of good items, willing to sell for hs or sb/gb, PM me

Reserved Heats: BlueStorm - Sock 339516

Hi! I'm Nessie (or Ness)! I'm open to talk to anyone whenever you feel like you need it or if your bored. I speak 7 languages semi-fluently, so I can help new English learners. I live in the USA, 1 hr ahead of LDT. I'm in LOTS of sports, I play 4 instruments, and I do art. Oh and photography.

Check these out: Selling Items, Lions, Services If you check them out, please bump them, that would be greatly appreciated!

People to remember from 2023:
* Gonvoyage - gave me 10 GB
* Chooksta - nicest person ever and gave me a dwarf that I can't believe I actually kept
* That one random person who gave me 5000 SB bc I told them a joke. Btw, if it was you plz tell me, i want to add your name

- GOALS OF 2024 -
300+ GB (10) [if you want to trade gb for a lion or item, pm me to see if I have what you need]
50K SB (236)
Get a hybrid (GOT A PONNNN)
Start a breeding project
Start a contest
New king
This den has 18 lions that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!

Jadis, the Magnificent
Level: 9 Branch: Ness's Branch
Stats: 279 Territory: 31
Lionesses: 24 Beetle Slots: 1 / 7
Cubs: 10 / 155 Grandpaw: โ€”
Male Slots: 3 / 3 Subordinate Males: Male 1
Male 2
My Heir
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 2 / 3
There are 10 lions with mutations in Jadis's pride.

Jadis's Player
Member ID #398382
Joined: 2022-11-14 15:01:48 Last Active: 2024-03-24 12:17:13

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1 Pregnant Lioness

Empty Cave Slot

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Jadis's Recent Allies
played by Micecream
Level 6 - 4 lionesses - 17 cubs
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played by Chooksta | G2 2 Rosette Ticked
Level 11 - 31 lionesses - 7 cubs
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played by Kal
Level 5 - 3 lionesses - 3 cubs
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played by โœจใ„ฉๅ‡ าœๅ‡ ใ„–ๅฑฑๅ‡  ็ˆชใ„šไธ‚ใ„’ไน‡ๅฐบไธจไน‡ไธ‚โœจ
Level 9 - 7 lionesses - 20 cubs
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played by Viktor<3
Level 12 - 26 lionesses - 13 cubs
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Twilight Saint
played by Ghoulish Trash
Level 11 - 15 lionesses - 4 cubs
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