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Hiii welcome to my Den! I'm Carter (Irl name) I'm 20 years old and I'm a lesbian (Demi/Aromantic/Greyromantic) in the LGBTQ+ community! I also love Lioden! I Love to Rp so You are always welcomed to send a Rp dm or in the message box on my profile anytime! I Love making new friends I Love Spooky things! when it comes to creatures or Skinwalkers or anything like that I always find them so fascinating to me I give out Refundable studding forever so No need to worry about anything I will always give sb back! I have Three cats all female a 8 month old kitten an older cat named Weezer and a 8 week old kitten named Skunky and my middle kitty child Willow who is almost a 1 year old I'm in a happy 6 month relationship with my partner I'm an animator and I'm also in college! but I'm always active and active on Wolvden! I'm also active on discord if you ever wanna rp or talk more on Discord just send a dm and I would love to give you my username I Love to talk about My ocs and love to do any plots of fanfic with each other ocs we could maybe turn it into a animated show one day on youtube together which I'm in the middle of working on a story with my ocs always looking for voice actors and people to help out with the story boards if anyone is interested I Love making new friends if you ever wanna Piebald interstellar cub you can always check on giveaways or you can always do a breeding with my king! all you gotta do is send a request! I'm always free and active you don't have to be afraid to send a dm you can always message me it helps with my ADHD anyways so I am always more then happy to chat I LOVE to chat a lot so that should help you feel more relieved lol I will add more to the description if I have anything else to say but i hope you will come by to chat with me!

"Don't be afraid" said a stud looking girl with golden eyes and a small lesbian flag tattoo on the side of her hand said looking at the women in front of her

a beautiful and very attractive woman who has natural light blond hair, light blue eyes, full lips, and pale light skin turned over her eyes widened it was Adamant the Bennett witch the sister of Bonnie Bennett herself Adamant had been nothing but fiercely loyal to Rebekah she ran over and hugged her tightly.

"I'm not afraid to die." Adamant said she was surprised when Rebekah hugged her but she hugged back "I've been dying each day since the day you came into my life." she whispered softly to her as she looked down while hugging her

Rebekah pulled away her blue eyes meeting Adamant's golden ones "What are you talking about?" she asked in a soft caring voice,

Adamant looked Rebekah deep in her eyes with an affection and longing look "I love you." she whispered.

Rebekah was taken back squinting her eyes "You love me?" she asked then she sighed looking away "I thought we have decided not to fall in love that we'd be forced to live a lie that it would destroy our bond." she looked back at Adamant.

"I think our bond is about to be destroyed anyway from everything that is happening" Adamant said softly while she looked at Rebekah with longing and squinted golden eyes then she moved closer to Rebekah and took her hand looking her in the eyes as Rebekah looked at their hands that were intertwined then looked back at Adamant.

Adamant looked deep into her eyes again "I you" she said in a longing voice. "before we die i wanted you to know." she watched her as they leaned in for a first and last kiss.

(Ps. here is how I rp! I know it's sad butttt it's one of my fav scenes in a story I did with my ocs if anyone is interested in doing one with me!

You want to do any Rp? Romance, Mystery, high school, crime, forbidden romance? I know Tv shows like Victorious, the Vampire diaries, SHERA and the princesses of power, Helluva boss, Hazbin Hotel, Criminal minds, or just plain old made up rps! Please be 18+ and up I don't feel comfortable rp with minors! Should follow me on discord! Gee_lly#1990 Be my long-term Rp partner! we can talk or rp or anything like that To animations, drawings, Ocs I'm an animator and would love to get to know people ocs or drawings or anything creative you can follow my discord with no questions asked!

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There are 12 lions with mutations in Cheeta'Flame's pride.

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