Dreijer's Den

Hail! Welcome to my lands, Traveler.
Rest your weary paws and see my wears or perhaps feast your eyes on my queens.
I allow studding service to all my lioness's, I will get to all requests in due time but I am not made of Yohimbe Bark.
*However, if you provide 15 Yohimbe Barks (+ whatever else you want to add) + 20 SB, you will automatically get first dibs.
*On top of that note- I would like if all could provide nest and/or food bundle to request(s), but if you add say a Lion scrotum (or any other item that affects mutation chances, not cub/fertility amount) you just got first dibs.
^^^This note does not totally affect πŸ–€Infertile lioness's. If you provide a Fertility item when stud'ng to an πŸ–€lioness you automatically get first dibsπŸ₯”
*Bid it out
You're gonna see a variety of names, I'm lazy sometimes lol
It's the
If you don't like the cub(s) and don't want it, please send it my way. Please don't kill it.
Any unnamed cubs are free to bid, I will look at any offer. However, SB(Silver Beetles) must be above 50. Any cub with "chase" as their name are free to claim.
*To claim any cubs and/or lion(ess), Private Message me the Link of your choice along with your offer(unless its labeled "Chase")
*Waiting time after bidding takes about two to three days(maybe more, greatly depends)
*If you wish to buy a rev.stud before the lioness is in heat- which will cost 250SB- will need to PM me the lioness's link and ask for her next heat. If one is to provide a zebra heart the price will decrease to 190SB.
*If you wish to do a barked heat, I can totally help. But you must provide the bark.
*Lionesses with '✨' next heat has been bought. Of course if you're feeling greedy you can outbid the other. If that does happen, and I accept the higher bid, I will notify the first bidder asking if they wish to outbid the other for this heat or cut their loss and will wait for next heat.
^^^ To do this, you will need to pay the original price of chosen rev. stud and then pay more to have first dibs on her heat. Outbidding must be, at least, above 100 SB.
*If you would like to rent a lioness ,for a project, and pay 500SB or 1GB, i will lower the rev.stud price as much as possible and let you breed her until completion(or death). I will even remind you when she is ready to breed.
To keep things somewhat organized, I label my ladies from
*(Random color heart for fertility)Base Color/Genetic rarity/how many slots they have*
Example: πŸ’™darkbrown/common/2slots
Heart=fertility lvl
πŸ’œ-Very Low
Before you enter The Love Den and the Runway Walk, I ask that you read the rules. We both want to walk away happy.
If you have things to trade(Lion(esses) or wears) don't be shy to message me!
Please be respectful and mind yourselfπŸ’š
I try not sell cubs, I sell adolescents so please be patient.
If you have any suggestions don't be shy to hit me up! Pass your knowledge onto others, friends.
I do breed to dirty but dirty will be labeled "❇️", i do not and will not breed with my daughters or sons, I will check.
*More notes with be added over time*
Safe Travels!

Aztec Knight Dreijer
Level: 16 Branch: Mix match
Stats: 555 Territory: 40
Lionesses: 39 Beetle Slots: 6 / 6
Cubs: 15 / 200 Grandpaw: β€”
Male Slots: 1 / 2 Subordinate Males: Onyx
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 4 lions with mutations in Dreijer's pride.

Dreijer's Player
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