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~ Lore ~

The Sandhill Pride lies deep in the African Plains, far away from human civilization. Although interactions with poachers are rare, they aren't entirely unheard of and Garmousa, the first king of the Sandhill Pride, kept a watchful eye on his patch of territory. Now Wishic, his successor, does a fair job.

The territory is fraught with strife and unease with many of the other local prides, and the Sandhill Pride struggles to keep a grip on their ever-shrinking territory. Luckily, their patch of ground harbors a year-round watering hole that attracts prey from miles around, so the Sandhill Lionesses don't have to go hunting too far from home to bring home a meal. But with this added boon to their land comes other dangers from predators keen on moving in on the Sandhill Pride's precious commodity. Crocodiles and Hyenas are a constant threat, and Leopards lurk nearby, eagerly awaiting to take an unprotected cub as a tasty morsal.

Chapter 1:
The Sandhill Pride is growing. Enormously quickly. In a few short weeks, the pride's numbers have swollen to over 30 strong. Many in the pride have decided to stay only temporarily; just long enough to birth their cubs in safety and then move on. They have become known as the "Travelers" and hold no rank in the pride. The wild African plains are no place for a pregnant lioness and her defenseless litter, so they choose to stay, rankless, for a short time period. Some cubs may remain with the pride yet others may go with their mother into the wild when she is ready to move on beyond the lands of the Sandhill Pride.

However, those who have decided to call Sandhill Pride their permanent home have also grown. Nightowl is still the lead huntress and Haranatha is still her arch rival, but with the next generation of their cubs in play, both lionesses must put the pride first before their rivalry if they are to survive. Tensions are high within the pride due to the fact that several lionesses have contracted rabies and have turned on their own pridemates, even killing two cubs in their blind rage and severely maiming one of their bright up-and-coming adolescents. No one knows how the rabies is coming into the pride, as the lionesses returning from hunting have shown no signs of illness and their lead sub-male, Wishic, has noticed nothing during his patrols.

Lionesses are suspecting each other and distrust is rampant, tearing through strong bonds between them. Even Nightowl, who was universally loved amongst the lionesses, has noticed her rank and rule being questioned by even her most loyal pridemates. If the attacks continue, the tensions will continue to grow and the pride may split and take sides. Already some of the more vocal personalities have started talk amongst the lionesses as to who would choose Garmousa and who would choose Wishic, if the two males were pitted against each other. The two males have heard talk about the rift and have done their best to quell the lionesses fears that rabies will take over the pride, and often they reassure the pride that they are stronger together to face this threat than they are apart. As of now, Wishic is taking his role as sub-male seriously and fiercely supporting Garmousa's leadership, but how long will his resolve last with the tensions between the lionesses and his desire to lead his own pride grows?

Chapter 2:
Well, it finally happened. Garmousa came back, injured and wounded from exploring and riddled with rabies. Instead of giving him the life-saving devil's claw, the lionesses stood up and decided that he was a weak king, childless, loveless, and unworthy to lead the pride. Goading Wishic into a fight with his leader, the younger male took down the former king and became the new leader of the Sandhill Pride. Demoralized and distraught, Garmousa cowered and slunk off into the darkness, never to be seen again.

Chapter 3:
It's been quiet in the Sandhill Pride for a while. After the craziness of the rabies that vanished seemingly overnight, the pride has been amenable with each other. Under Wishic's leadership, the pride has prospered and has welcomed many new lionesses to the pride. Jayvar is the current sub-male and isn't very well liked by the lionesses, so Wishic tolerates his presence and doesn't see him as a threat. He will not allow what happened with Garmousa happen to his rule. The traveling shamans have taken up residence nearby, and Wishic has found he is being run ragged trying to find the herbs they need for their potions and brews as well as healing and curing sick and injured creatures out on the wild African Plains. Occasionally he finds himself at the business end of another lion needing to be taught a lesson, as per the spirits and shaman's wishes. The lionesses of the pride are being required to hunt even more, not only to provide a tribute to the revered shamans, but because they also require the hide of prey for their ministrations. Wishic isn't alone in his desire to be done with these medicine lions and hopes they move along soon.

Chapter 4:
The pride has been thriving. The hunters rank swell and the prey is bountiful. Few cubs are lost to mishaps or danger and many are finding new homes amongst other prides. Wishic is proud of his pride and his lionesses are content. As more new faces are seen every day, there seems to be an off-shoot of the lionesses that have formed their own enclave they have called "the Den of Purpose". They are not hunters that provide for the pride nor are they broodmothers or caretakers that raise the next generation of cubs. Some amongst the pride's hunters have started to whisper and spread rumors that they are prized for certain aspects or affinities they provide to the leader, Wishic. After all, he visits their den quite often and shows them more attention than any of the others in the pride. Nightowl, lead huntress, has done what she can to quell these misgivings from her lionesses, but has begun to wonder as well what exactly the purpose is for these seemingly purpose-less lionesses and cubs. She has taken special note that her only daughter, Nightfalcon, has joined their ranks as well. After her change and blessing, she left the hunters and now completely spends her days amongst these strange lionesses, never talking about what they do or what purpose they serve. Although Nightfalcon does often visit her mother and several of the other Sandhill Pride lionesses, she never speaks about the Den of Purpose.

Chapter 5:
White stuff began to fall from the sky and blanket the ground as the air grew colder and colder. Snuh. The cubs had fun making snuhlions (they were such travesties!) but the lionesses were beginning to get worried about food. Prey was scarce and what was left, was skinny and barely walking carcasses themselves. The pride was growing still, but more and more lions were only using the Sandhill pride as quick stopovers for their next journey in life. Several of the permanent lionesses were getting older and were soon to retire from their duties. With mouths to feed and fewer paws in which to do the duties, even Wishic started to worry what the future held for the pride. However there was tell of a special day coming where gifts would suddenly appear that could help his pride thrive, so he held out hope that the day was coming soon.

Chapter 6:
Hunger. After the bounty of the hidden gifts in the snuh, Wishic thought he and his pride would never know hunger again. How wrong he was. His lionesses are weak. His cubs die at their mothers' teat, unable to even lift their heads to suckle. Despite the snuh being gone, the wind felt even colder against Wishic's thinning pelt. Age was creeping up on him. His main lionesses were aging and soon dying, hastened by the hungry holes in their stomach. Every day, predators he came across were skin and bones, except the vultures. They were the only well-fed creatures on the African Plains. He killed as many as he could sink his claws into. After chasing a particularly large flock of these feathered fiends, he slipped and fell into a hole or rather...a cave. Trying to find his way out, he became hungry and tired and fell asleep by an illuminated pool in the darkness. When he finally found his way out of the cave, he felt stronger and keener. His senses were faster. When he returned back to his pride, his lionesses barely recognized him. Wishic had de-aged back to his prime. He was young again! And his patches had changed pattern, but he was still the same Wishic he had always been. Though as the days wore on...he realized he couldn't remember his mother or his father anymore, or any of his past family. Only his memories of the Sandhill Pride remained with him.

Chapter 7:
Love is in the air and food is abundant once again. There is much to celebrate in the Sandhill Pride, from the bounty of cubs to the bounty of carcasses the hunters bring home. Nightowl has stepped down as lead huntress, as well as Haranatha who was not to be outdone by her arch rival. Both lionesses dislike but now respect one another in their twilight years. Things become a little awkward for Wishic when he stumbles up on lover lions while exploring as he never knows exactly what he ought to do. He is gathering quite the collection of heart shells, however, and hopes he can trade them in to the traveling lions soon for boons for his pride.

Chapter 8
It's been fun chasing poachers and catching rabbits. The time seems to be flying by for the Sandhill Pride. All of the original lionesses have passed from this world into the beyond and the new generation has taken over the hunting and caring for young. Wishic sipped from the Primordial Spring and felt his bones become rejuvenated once more - another few years upon the earth for him. However, he knows his time is waning and should find an heir to replace him to care for the Sandhill Pride or their future could be uncertain.

Current Leader: Wishic
Sub-males: Lava Spike
Pride Hunters: Mirage, Ofuska, Bracken, Cougar, Don't Blow A Gasket, Seka, Easter Egg, Eskla, Falcon, Mouse, Peachy Keen, Stella, Persimmon Jam, Shadow Thief
Pride Broodmothers: Adalabra, Beala, Bialgee, Prickles, Lux & Aleesa


The Den of Purpose:
Current breeding projects: Ra and Ennead/Ogdad bases

Wepwawet: Cerus, Nefertiti, Merneith, Cleopatra
Incense: Nightfalcon, Prayers, Herba
Inpu: Niffera, Impudentia
Sutekh: Maotollying
Ankh: Red Dawn, Red Sky

Alt: Wishy's Alt (#453308)

Wishic, the Holy
Level: 22 Branch: Sandhill Pride Branch
Stats: 1192 Territory: 108
Lionesses: 107 Beetle Slots: 0 / 6
Cubs: 98 / 540 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 1 / 2 Subordinate Males: Lava Spike
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 4 / 4
There are 20 lions with mutations in Wishic's pride.

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