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Welcome to my den!
[Currently 2HRs ahead of LDT]
Side account: •[Cozy]• (#458808)
My girlfriend is Vixen (#458095), go check out their king! They designed mine beautifully <3

• I go by Snazzy or Snazzy snake! I am genderfluid and use any and all pronouns you could think of, so there are no wrong answers.
• I love trying to adopt and breed pretty cubs with dark, earthy colors when I have the chance.
• Making new friends is always fun, so shoot me a message and we can chat! I don't accept friend requests until I feel that we have shared a meaningful conversation or two first.
• I am collecting lions with Lycaon Markings at the moment so I'd be more than willing to take any that need a new home :)

WEEKLY RAFFLE: PENDING (on hold until further notice) (ETA: 5/1)
Last week's winner + their choices:
loki 🐺(redemption arc) ----> 4k prize + Large Pouch Rat, Little Rascals: Poly, Dwarf, & Piebald, Blue Mouse

I host Weekly Raffles! The tickets are always affordable, ranging from 10-30SB/1-3GB depending on the SB prize. This can be as low as 2k, or as high as 10k! The prize is almost always decided by the winner of the previous raffle. Additionally, that lucky person has the option to choose up to five of the item tickets! Be sure to check in every week to see what the Weekly Raffle has in store!!! :]

•Please be kind to me unless I genuinely deserve otherwise. I get stressed rather easily, so I'd appreciate your patience and understanding, especially during the week when school has my attention.
• Keep in mind that I am indeed a minor who enjoys to Roleplay, as long as it does not contain a relationship beyond friendship as I am in an IRL relationship and it makes me uncomfortable. Don't be weird...
• Any unweaned cubs with a ":(" and/or "❌" are 100% free to reserve. They get moved to my side account at five months, but they can be snatched up and adopted from there. Just let me know on either account.
• Though I am active on my side account, it is never my first priority. Your messages will be seen much quicker if you send them here!!

April Event -
Play with ostrich babies
Check Bunny Shop + Wenet shop on 29th

Good stud(s): https://www.lioden.com/lion.php?mid=354704

• Feed/Play with everyone daily
• Crossroads: Giving Tree, Quests, & Daily games (Triva, Raffle, & Baoball)
• Keep nesting material stocked (3+)
• Bundle 1k SB per R.O, collect monthly

This den has 69 lions that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!

Lone Wanderer ~Othello~
Level: 11 Branch: Trinkets, Knickknacks, & Doodads
Stats: 308 Territory: 76
Lionesses: 69 Beetle Slots: 0 / 8
Cubs: 35 / 380 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 4 / 4 Subordinate Males: ~Tye~
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 20 lions with mutations in ~Othello~'s pride.

~Othello~'s Player
Member ID #458167
Joined: 2023-12-07 18:04:19 Last Active: 2024-04-22 0:48:57

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