*King Moonlight Jellies 20M!'s Den

*New Bases Breeding Project From My King & Goals Bred One Of Each Based From My King!
Acacia - Red Dark Solid Rare - Burnt skin
Cassis - Red Dark Countershaded Rare - Plum skin(*Done X4)!
Cimmerian - Black Dark Countershaded Rare - Plum skin(*Done X7)!
Dandelion - Golden Medium Solid Rare - Welsummer skin
Desolate - Black Medium Countershaded Rare - Ink skin (*Done by Me Today)!(*Friend Got One BY My King First Though X3)!
Finch - Cream Medium Countershaded Rare - Bunting skin
Frost - Black Light Solid Rare - Gray skin
Mocha - Cream Light Solid Rare - Bunting skin
Powder - Golden Light Countershaded Rare - Fallow skin
Red - Red Medium Solid Rare - Cinder skin
Scallop - Red Medium Countershaded Rare - Brown skin
Senegal - Cream Dark Countershaded Rare - Plain skin(*Done X3)!
Snowpard - Black Light Countershaded Rare - Clouded skin (*Done X2)!
Soot - Cream Dark Solid Rare - Black skin(*Done X1)!
Sunkissed - Golden Light Solid Rare - Quail skin
Tusk - Cream Light Countershaded Rare - Dudley skin
*Dec Wishlist:
*Anything on actual lioden Wishlist!
*side account is brooke #49110 and main account is bcblaisdell #49097! :) im always on mostly between the 2 accounts...
By Jester#187561!
*When you come to greet her, *Goddess Altair RainBow Pie 9M quickly gets up, shuffling her paws on the ground to hide something she drew with her claw. Looking for a while, you find *Goddess Altair RainBow Pie 9M sitting between large rocks, away from the rest of the pride. She greets you warmly, though. When you approach, *Goddess Altair RainBow Pie 9M gives you the most intent look, but you cannot figure out why. *Goddess Altair RainBow Pie 9M runs to you first, says hello and runs off somewhere. Huh?
As you walk up to *Princess Holy Night Twin 5M, she drops whatever she was doing immediately. She's ready and willing to do whatever you ask!
*Princess Altair Star 6M glares at you as you approach, but she does not swat you as you groom her head. Instead, she perches elegantly, making it clear that you can only do this because she is allowing it.
cub doesn't want a bath. Well too bad. They can cry and moan all they want, but they smell like butt. You catch them between your paws and give them a good licking.
When you approach to say hello today, *Lady Jodi Wilt 4M steps back and snarls, but she continues to be nice afterwards.
You are annoyed at that damn green snake. So demanding. Cub suggests that they could go boop their snoot. That sounds like a great idea, actually. Let's go boop the snoot.
You approach your pride mates to wake them up for the day - and notice all of them have red mud smeared on their faces. You immediately look at *Arch Ice In Hearts 8M - yup, she's totally pretending to be asleep. Hah.
You trot towards *Lady Moira 4M to say hello, but you get smacked fiercely onto your cheek. You stand in shock, as she keeps giving you smacks, one after another, until you let out a growl, to which she replies with a roar. Women. You like them rough, don't you?
You were napping, but some movement caught your attention. *Arch Lara 7M was coming towards you with a gerbil snack, but then she stopped. Walked away. Came back. Now she looks like she wanted to bolt. You closed your eyes and pretended to be asleep still, and she finally delivered her gift to you.
Cub is telling you about a weird dream they had last night. Apparently you battled a walking feathered lizard thing, and then a flying metal thing shot light at you, and then dead, decaying hyenas chased you, and then you were talking to ghosts...are they sure that wasn't a nightmare?

This den has lions that are aging up tomorrow - there is currently not enough territory to cope with them all!

*King Moonlight Jellies 20M!, the Deathlord of the Jungle
Level: 16 Branch: Rare Decor/Treasures!
Stats: 578 Territory: 150
Lionesses: 150 Beetle Slots: 7 / 36
Cubs: 133 / 750 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 7 / 7 Subordinate Males: *King Apemak 20M!
*King Aztios 20M!
*King Glass Castle 20M!
*King Kion 20M!
*King Lilac Hearts 20M!
*OMG First Felis By Cupid!
*OMG WFT Jelly Felis Heir #1!
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 2 / 3
There are 12 lions with mutations in *King Moonlight Jellies 20M!'s pride.

*King Moonlight Jellies 20M!'s Player
Member ID #49097
Joined: 2014-11-13 13:41:55 Last Active: 2024-05-28 11:58:31

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Level 7 - 27 lionesses - 19 cubs
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