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Your paws slip a little on loose dirt and rocks as you descend into a barren, rocky valley. Clumps of tough, brittle grass sprout from the dry soil, and copses of small, sparse trees dot the landscape. Steep cliff faces rise to either side, enclosing the space on three sides; there is only one way in and out unless one fancies a broken neck trying to climb the rocky walls. The wind is dry and hot, and the sun blazes upon your back. No place for lions, surely; yet there is a pride that dwells here. Driven by stories told by nomads, you had to see the pride that thrived amongst a land usually deemed uninhabitable. Yet looking around, there is no sign of lions visible. Their scent is strong, however, and queerly mixed with that of horseflesh.

A sudden trumpeting shatters the quiet, making you jump and your fur bristle along your spine. Then there are shapes moving, stirring under the trees and the feeling that you are being watched heightens. A low, feline rumble sounds and a beautiful lioness steps into your vision. Her fur is a mix of auburn, black, and cream, with mottled spots scattered across her back. She shines with health, and her onyx-and-white accents make for a striking contrast. A bursting pack filled with what looks like different plants is carried on her back, and a string of what appears to be claws and teeth rattle ominously on her neck. Soft, translucent wing bands surround her paws, and as her tail flicks you notice luxurious black hair drapes across her haunches and tail...is that horse hair?

"Welcome traveler," she greets you, coming up to you with no trace of fear. Her body is strong and lean, and she walks with a purpose. "I am called Iskra, The Horse Mistress, and this is king Eira's great pride." Her tail flicks towards a shady spot where a large ice-pelted male is watching you intently. You sense no aggression from him, but you can tell that if you dared raise a paw he would be on you in an instant.

The lioness's kind brown eyes are welcoming, but a hard wariness lurks behind them as she inspects you. A tiny whinny floats on the air and a small leggy foal comes cantering up to hide behind the lioness, peeking out from under her hair-draped tail, ears pricked and nose flaring curiously. The foal's eyes are bright and unafraid, and the shock must show clearly on your face because the lioness lets out an amused purr.

"I assume you've heard whispers of our pride, and they are true--we live alongside a herd of horses. They provide us with food and a prey's sense of warning, and we provide them with protection and care. It is a beneficial relationship for both parties, if a bit unorthodox." She purrs fondly at the foal and glances back into the trees. More shapes have appeared, both horses and lions watching the exchange with curiosity. You are in awe, but before you can fully recover, the lioness is turning away with a sweep of her tail, beckoning you to follow.

"We are known as The Aratrot Pride. Come, we welcome all lions with good intentions here."

About Me


Howdy! Just your typical horse weirdo, I ride and have been for many years now. I currently train and complete with my horse, Mietta, in Third Level. Dressage and horses are my passion, so feel free to hit me up if you want to chat (maybe for endless hours?), be you fellow horse nut or not! I am a female that hails from Virginia, USA, and I graduated college with an English degree. In my spare time I read and write (I participate in NaNo, and I love it!). I also sit on the computer a lot (in the dark, in my...cave) and enjoy gaming on various platforms, watching a ridiculous amount of shows (fangirling included) and...well, if I have any time after all of that, I'm usually sleeping. I've been on Lioden for a while now, and mostly I just breed pretty lions and pretend I know exactly what I'm doing.

My pack: I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a horse, and a miniature mule!


My mule has an Instagram! Check him out if you're interested:

Eira, the Horse Whisperer
Level: 9 Branch: DQ's Tack Shed
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Cubs: 7 / 390 Grandpaw: β€”
Male Slots: 1 / 3 Subordinate Males: Roy
Frozen Slots: 8 / 8 Cave Slots: 4 / 4
There are 12 lions with mutations in Eira's pride.

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