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Hello :3
My lion Kings bio has everything you need to know about studding. His stats are ever growing and he has many pretty cubs. Feel free to pm me about any of the cubs labeled 'Chase'. They are all free X3

I am almost always buying lions for my breeding project. If you think you have the lions I need and want to make a quick buck come take a look. Lions I Buy

I breed pastel color bomb lions or as I call them Cotton Candy lions. I have a breeding project thread if you want to see them or just talk! I am also open to breeding partners Link to thread

My side account has another Cotton Candy lion. His base is orchid and he has mottled rosette and all four glacial marks.
My Side Account

My watermelon boy
Art by #106412 🎨Pakera{Kiman|Mott|Patches~

This den has 9 lions that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!

Level: 14 Branch: Random
Stats: 493 Territory: 125
Lionesses: 47 Beetle Slots: 0 / 45
Cubs: 5 / 625 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 3 / 3 Subordinate Males: withered
Ebony Soft Rosette (63%
Newly Claimed Groupie
Frozen Slots: 5 / 7 Cave Slots: 9 / 9
There are 10 lions with mutations in Coralstar's pride.

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played by Sknight
Level 6 - 43 lionesses - 25 cubs
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played by duathaur (semi-hiatus)
Level 11 - 28 lionesses - 19 cubs
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played by Neko (Clean x2 Mottled Sunset)
Level 9 - 96 lionesses - 56 cubs
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played by Classu
Level 10 - 49 lionesses - 27 cubs
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played by Lizzylove21🪷G2TobiProteaOSR🪷
Level 10 - 54 lionesses - 35 cubs
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played by Meadow {G2FuchsiaColorbomb}
Level 6 - 173 lionesses - 67 cubs
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