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2014-08-10 19:12:24
I was wondering , now i could be wrong and these ideas could already be on the site ; i just probably never saw them.
?? maybe?? idk. Anyway i was thinking that they should add some more different 'species' markings for lionesses and lions to sport as well as new color ideas for pelts and manes ?? I play on a few sites and have my own character OCs on places like Da and ive seen some interesting creations. But i was thinking it would be really neat to have Lioden maybe allow a few more markings and or colors that could be ranged in free base from NCLs to ones you make in the Oasis ?!??!?

Some of the ideas i was thinking was like the following :

Ocelot spots (maybe considered around legs or just around the neck area like a 'necklace')
Tiger stripes (maybe considered around the torso and legs only? or even face)
Serval Markings
Red spotted Dilmun
Merle blue or Steele blue/grey
Roan shades (red to merle)

other markings could be done like..
deer spots (fawn ages)
Nyala markings

This suggestion has 4 supports and 0 NO supports.

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Posted on
2014-08-10 19:24:22
Xy has shot down markings from most other big cats species.

But other than that, there are two or so suggestions for new colours.

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