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ʇ.Anarchy.ʇ (#73468)

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2017-08-03 12:04:30
I don't know about anyone else, but when you're active in the Forums, waiting for people to reply in a busy one, or you've lost one to the long list of topics you're subscribed too, well, it gets over whelming looking for a reply.

I think we should have a 'ping'. When someone uses @ID NUMBER HERE , you get a message or a link to the page of the topic it was posted on!

This could have been worded 50 times better, I hope you guys can make sense of my rambles.

This suggestion has 34 supports and 0 NO supports.

Africa (#9670)

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Posted on
2017-08-04 23:51:06
I suggested this a while back:

So, of course, I support this

Nightfurypizza (#193891)

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Posted on
2020-02-14 15:42:55
y e s i need this, trying to run a (small admittedly) commissions forum ive started to run into problems where i need to ping someone in-case they didn't sub to the topic

froppy (#193447)

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Posted on
2020-03-09 09:24:40
or maybe the username ping like in flightrisingjust a idea

Posted on
2020-05-27 05:57:58
Hey there!

This has already been suggested on this topic. You're welcome to pledge your support there, or post any feedback or suggestions you may have!

As this is a duplicate topic, it will be locked.

We request that you utilize the "Search Boards" feature to see if a suggestion you have in mind may already have been posted by another player in the past, to avoid cluttering the Game Development forums with duplicate suggestions.

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