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Hello Adoptable & Recolor makers!
This thread is stuck on the Adoptable & Recolor sale boards in order to remind you that our rules regarding selling adoptables/recolors on linearts made by other players are very strict.

Here is a quick refresher on what is needed in order to sell Adoptables or Recolors of linearts/bases made by other artists.

Lineart/Base made by another Lioden Artist

If the player that made a lineart/base for you to use for your recolors or adoptables has an account on Lioden, the requirements are quite simple!

1. The artist of the lineart/base has to post a permission on your adoptable/recolor sales thread. Make sure that the artist posts their permission on your thread before you attempt to sell anything.

2. You have to credit the original artist of the lineart/base on your adoptable/recolor sales thread. For example: "Lineart made by [ID NUMBER HERE]"

Lineart/Base made by an artist that does not have an account on Lioden

The rules for using linearts/bases made by artists that do not own accounts on Lioden are as follows:

1.a. You should ask the artist if they would be interested in creating an account on Lioden in order to be able to post a permission on your art sales thread. If the artist cannot make an account on Lioden for any reason, please contact the support team at for instructions on how the artist can authorize you to use their lineart/base.

1.b. If the artist has made an account, you can set up your thread. Do not attempt to sell anything before the artist posts a permission on your sales thread.

2. Credit the artist on your thread. For example: "Lineart made by [ID NUMBER HERE]"

3. The artist can post a permission on your thread now! You should be good to start selling your adoptables or recolors now.

If you see someone using a Lineart without being given a permission on their thread, please report this to the Modbox so a Moderator can handle the situation accordingly. :)

Useful Links:
Tree Carving Rules Thread

Thank you for your attention and good luck with your sales!

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