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Bee (#106084)

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2019-01-22 12:54:25
I recently bought an adolescent from a deathlord male, and she was my only assigned hunter. I sent her off with the thought that "this is fine." and she came back with a baby elephant. On her first ever hunt. I got to thinking, what if deathlord males use their spare time teaching adolescents to kill? I don't know, but i just thought that would be interesting. And maybe king of the jungle males teach their adolescents how to be better at taking care of cubs? eh? eh?

I'll stop. But think about it.

Corvid Fossils (#66304)

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Posted on
2019-04-30 03:22:02
Yeah I think you're onto something here!

Lia (#190815)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2020-09-02 08:59:51
Yeah, you might be onto something!