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2020-02-14 15:25:46
Long after Firestar blazed his way through the forest, making him nothing more than a nursery tale. The clans are still thriving, till one day they weren't. As of recent cats have been seemingly disappearing without a trace, and then reappearing. Though all of those returned are Once cheerful cats are now quiet, and more serious cats are now laided back. Even worse, the cats returned are no longer able to conceive. -paws can't leave the camp without at least their mentor, and leaders are advising even the warriors themselves not to go anywhere alone if they can help it. Just what is happening, what is lurking Within the Shadows?

Within the Shadows is a semi-literate Warriors rp, we provide...

▪ Interesting plot
▪ high rank openings and mod positions
▪ Active owner
▪ A server that will listen to what their members have to say, I want this server to be the greatest it can be
▪ Plenty of areas to rp, and also areas just to chill and talk
▪ Applepaw and Littlecloud
▪ Areas to express your creativity outside of rping
▪ Self roles
▪ LGBTQ+ and furry friendly

Here's our link, a new adventure awaits you
Owner: @Mouse🐁| Lark🐦|Amber🍯

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