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2020-04-02 11:31:44
So, this is the question that is on everyone's mind: what does the gorilla enclave do with its cubs? I mean, with about 2000 members ACTIVE at a time, that's at least 1500 cubs a day, right? I mean, you do see him walking a couple of cubs in December, but that would also mean he left thousands of cubs at his enclave, right? So here is my theory of what happens to the cubs.
So, let's start by scrolling down to the bottom of the gorilla enclave. Look at the bottom row. The items are feline applicator ebony, feline applicator elysian, feline applicator maroon and... lion meat? So I'm going to go over all the ways I know of to get lion meat. Number one is from the lioness claiming quest, where one of the rewards is lion meat, probably from the lioness dying. Okay, I can accept that. Number two is from the carrion shop in January, where I can assume that it is being collected from the lions dying. Number three is from the gorilla enclave. And the owner of the gorilla enclave is the one we are all giving our cubs to. Where does he get all of this lion meat?
There are only three places I would think that he would get lions meat from. One place would be that he restocks every year during January, collecting lion meat then. The flaw with this is that any meat would rot over the year. Another place would be from ncls that die naturally over the year, but that would mean leaving his cubs at his enclave and journeying far off into the map to find dead lions and take their meat. Option three ( the one I think is true ) is that he kills the cubs you give him for lion meat. This one makes the most sense to me personally because a: he wouldn't have to leave any of the cubs alone, b: it would be fresh all year long and c: that would be where all the cubs go.
And why does he only accept certain eye colors/genders? Because he uses the cubs eyes to make the eye applicators in his shop, using multiple cubs' eyes to make one applicator.

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Tin robot (#168734)

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2020-04-02 15:08:02
let me add a bit of my theory to this: our first king was a cub from the gorilla enclave

i imagine that he waits for the cubs to grow a bit and kills them for the meat, but a few lions (our kings) are lucky enough to run away somehow, grow up, and start a pride.

then they sell their cubs to be turned into meat and re-start the cicle

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Posted on
2020-04-03 04:14:35
That’s dark,but it may be true.Now I feel terrible cause I sold my fav cub,Timber there for 1 MT :/

Mightyclaws (#184324)

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Posted on
2020-04-03 08:15:57
I've actually seen this theory before, and honestly, It makes soooooo much sense. Plus something to add: the contact lenses you get from there could be somehow crafted from the dead lion cubs, because the gorillas specifically asked for them.

Prince of Doves (#183621)

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Posted on
2020-07-03 15:16:55
@Baoba (#168734)

I like to personally headcanon that my original king was a nepheline that was sent to earth, but I think that idea is really great too for those who don't already have headcanons for where their kings come from!

Lia (#190815)

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Posted on
2020-08-28 16:00:33
WTF?? I personally think that some of them end up at the giving tree, because let's be honest, NO ONE WASTES TIME RAISING A CUB TO 1 YEAR OLD JUST TO GIVE IT AWAY!!!