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2020-06-14 13:11:55
Alright, I was reading some Greek Myths, when I stumbled upon the myth of Heracles (Hercules). The first trial he had to complete was to slay the Nemean lion, a fierce creature that would attack the region of Nemea, steal the local villagers, and feast on the heroes that came to save them. (Why it didn’t just eat the villagers I don’t know) I instantly thought that it might be cool to have a Nemean Lion in Lioden. I think it should be an applicator mane, and should be in the Gorilla Enclave shop, as well as being a universal reward for completing either the June or July storylines as they both feature mythology. If it could be sold in a shop for June, the price should be 180 Khepri Beetles, or 1500 meteorite shards, or if it’s in the firefly shop 80 fireflies.

Here’s what I think the mane should look like, as well as the original Greek artwork of the Nemean Lion. My artwork is absolutely trash, so don’t get in my face about it !

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2020-06-14 13:22:18
It's cute, but it looks pretty similar to a crested lion already ^^""