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Nyx (#157722)

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2020-07-04 02:55:24
Hi guys! Is there a way to turn on pen pressure on any brush type? I've recently watched this video and I loved the effect but so far I've managed to get this type of lining only with Ink 4 Pen Rough (the harder you press, the bolder the line gets). Please help?

La Vida Loca (#212869)

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Posted on
2020-08-09 07:45:48
Yes I was looking for how to do it recently until I realized fiddlign with the settlings of every other guide messed it up for me.

Here's how I simply got it to work:

Select the bursh you want to use, and click the top icon
If "size" isn't ticked, then tick it.

If you want you can fiddle with the settings to fit how you want it to, I haven't done it since I don't want anything to be irreversable for me (because of my ball sucking memory) since I used boht mouse and tablet from when I see fit myself.

But hey I hope it helps!