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2020-09-15 12:04:55
So, first of all, hey!

Lately I've been kinda thinking about the retired flash flood event, which got replaced by the egyptian event.I personally have never experienced the flood event and therefore I'm a little bit sad, because the event seems pretty interesting.
However i noticed that you could craft the "Seer's Hood" back then, with what's called rawhide. The "Seer's Hood" looks exactly like the hood the mysterious stranger in the august event wears. You know, that one who can give you the solaris app.
I just wanted to ask if that is a coincidence or if there's some kind of story behind it, I've never played the flood event, so ofc I don't know. I'm just curious.
Also, I'm not sure if that's the right topic, but i guess so?

Thank you!

PS: I'm sorry for my grammar and spelling mistakes

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