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silverstar is tired (#206440)

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2020-10-14 06:20:12
*i do not have the energy to search for a fancy html code, sorry for the boring-ass thread lmao*

hello! i am Silver, and i just wrote a very spooky story for a contest that i'm very proud of! i decided that, hey, why don't we make some money off of this? so i'm here to write spooky stories for your characters!

rules & guidelines:
- slots are first come, first served. two slots will be opened at a time.
- i will not write NSFW, any sort of discriminatory content, or extremely heavy gore.
- i reserve the right to refuse your commission for any reason, and to not disclose why i have refused it.
- i can write animals or humans! i'll let you know if i'm uncomfortable with your character for any reason.
- i'm a bit iffy on religious themes, the loose heaven/hell themes of October's event are the farthest i'll go into religion.

okay! boring stuff's over, let's talk pricing!
each story is 1 GB or 1000 SB. this price is not negotiable, however, i will take offers of items, lions, and the like. the story will be long and fairly detailed, and may take me up to a week to write, so i think this is a very low price for what i'm offering.

here is the aforementioned story for a sample of my writing:
warning: gore, young animal death

1 - ₳฿ł₲Ø��� (#193587) - SB - unpaid - possession of their king
2 -

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Keira Dragonhaven (#193587)

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2020-10-15 16:17:47
Nevermind, I decided to try myself first, hope thats ok

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silverstar is tired (#206440)

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2020-10-16 06:00:46
yeah sure! send over 500 sb so i can start, expect the finished story within a week :3