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This will be edited as time goes on, and I will add more later.


Kithlish began his rule as First King acting as an evil Tyrant to the world around him. He only showed love to his pride. Eventually, his first queen Sundrop talked him into reflecting on his behavior and slowly Kithlish grew kinder.

Vitani is invited into the pride, and becomes the most fearsome of all lionesses in the pride. She births cubs Yfre, Thread, and Mania. Yfre and Thread are both sired by Kithlish, but Mania is sired by another King named Lucifer.

Mania births a cub named Dementia.

A lioness named Moonpool joins the pride, her blue markings are striking.

Sundrop passed, and many of his first lionesses and himself have grown older. Kithlish has begun to expand many of his duties to his subordinate males. The heir in which he thought would rule, Dawnwalker, has decided to instead part ways from the pride. Moonpool has a daughter named Vixen with Kith, whos red and orange markings are similar to her father's was is another King named Fire Boi. Vixen eventually has her own cub named Uranu, who then has a male cub named Vex.

Kithlish then set his eyes on the young lion, who seems promising - Vex. He is arguably the most handsome of all cubs Kith has in the pride.

Kithlish has a fling with a Lioness named Kippy, who births a beautiful cheetah marking cub with folded ears named Floppy-Disc. Kippy leaves the pride once the cub is of age, and Floppy stays in Kith's pride.

Vex trained to take Kith's place, as the time was coming soon. He trained under the wing of Maloof, Kith's loyal second in command. Tanzinite, the third submale, was jealous and acted cold towards the younger Vex at first...

Dementia births Bruma, and Mania and Vitani have since passed on. Yfre still lives as a Submale.

Vex became King. It was a big change for everyone, and the pride is still adjusting. Kith acted as Grandpaw, there for the new King if he needed guidance and helped Darkling with the cubs. Darking was the former carer for the beetle mounds, but took over Sundrop's job as broodmother. Vex works hard to quickly gain experience and impression, as well as breed many new cubs, knowing many pride members are nearing their final year of life.

Floppy-Disc bores two cubs, Ice who later discovers her mutation of overgrown claws, and Kippu who has a similar name to her Grandmother in her honor and has the same cheetah markings.

Darkling and Kith eventually passed on, as well as several veteran pride members. Vex still works to become more experienced and a Dreamboat someday. Garnet has taken over as the Broodmother for the rest of her days - a role passed on to older Lionesses. Tanzinite has cooled down on his aggression toward the new king, though they still have a bit of rivalry. The pride is working together to create a den just for the King's blood-related family.

Sundrop passes on, her cub Highlighter living on to birth Sundrop's male grandcub, Off-Brand-Highlighter. Highlighter is happy to live as Vex's trusty sub-male, though his position will mean his grandmother's bloodline will die with him when his time comes.

Vex rules as a just King of the pride, with his albinoid queen by his side, Champagne. Garnet bores a single cub who lives on in the pride to her full life, Fish. Fish however, is infertle. As such, when Fish passes at a ripe age of fifteen years, Garnet's bloodline dies. Darkling also bores one single surviving cub, named Atheria, who moves to a new pride. Tanzenite passes on of old age as well.

Thread births Kiara. Dementia births Bruma.

Vex grows old in age. He is unsure on who to choose for an heir, as in his life he had neglected to plan for this. Eventually, he chooses a Submale from another pride named J'skar, who is thankful for the offer. J'skar becomes the new King, and Vex is happy with this turn of events, given J'skar seems like a fine lion and is quite handsome.

Ice passes away with no cubs. Kippu still lives on and bores a cub with cheetah markings.

J'skar quickly mates with all of the Lionesses in the entire pride, showing off his new stature.

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