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2020-12-13 17:10:57

Lionfish's Item Sales

Currently CLOSED and will be revamped for a later month

Conversion Rate: 4 = 30HeartShell.png = 1 yohimbe bark
+ extra gb for bulk trades

I'm offering pure GB and items. Check out the "offering" section below for more info!

To sell, send a private trade to 4551 or post here!

You can also offer on my premade trades here:
Premade Trades

I'm willing to reserve GB and items for people as long as you're reasonably sure you'll have enough HS to buy the barks when tier 3 opens. I'm not going to be mad or anything if you have to cancel, but it just makes things smoother for everyone if you only offer what you're pretty certain you will have!

I want to buy:

Yohimbe Barks
I want 40 total
4 each
OR 42 for 10 (2 extra gb)
OR 85 for 20 (5 extra gb)

I can offer:
(will be further updated throughout the event)

- 150+
- Dust: Rough Opal x1 (1 bark)
- Festive Gift x3 (4 barks each)
- Spicy Ice x2 (4 barks each)
- Supernal Body x1 (1 bark)
- Possession x4 (2 for 1 bark)
- Eye Applicator: Arid x1 (6 barks)

None yet!

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dorsal~ (#219920)

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Posted on
2021-01-03 09:20:06
I have roasted lamb!

Lionfish (#4551)

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Posted on
2021-01-03 11:32:31
Nice, I'll buy it for 1gb if you set up a private trade to 4551!