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2021-01-26 18:10:59
It's simply hard to keep track of the request details in the main post so I'm popping them here..


Hale is one of those decent lions, with a warm and welcoming personality. She is quiet and easy-going but doesn't have many opinions on things, nor new ideas. She's friends with almost anyone in the pride and everyone likes her!

Starlit was born with tireless energy. She's the fastest lion since she was a cub and always showed enthusiasm in training, hunting, everything. Even when she was sleeping. Completely the opposite to Shadow, she is always positive, and pride members question if she had never been sad, like, ever. But she can be stubborn and hard to live with.


uhhhh,, not many ideas for it so go crazy! there’s some stuff in the cave descriptions though that might help ^^ i’d like my heir/future king Mako ( to be included in it somehow.


[L E O P O N] Pekee is a shy yet welcoming lioness, being new to the pride doesnt know if she’ll be accepted or not so she keeps her distance with her cubs. Every lioness knows to keep their distance all except for one, Fabion ( The lioness taught Pekee how to love and the two are now bonded for life, being now lovers and never leaving eachothers side. (Is that good?)

Details (be as in-depth as possible!): Fabion is a caring lioness who is adored by her pride, she loves everyone equally. Though, she tends to hide her needs from everyone and normally replaces it with her happiness which outstandingly works. (Sorry if this isnt enough)

: Blitzen is a wholehearted loving king though can be stern and aggressive if and when he needs to, he has tons of courage and will throw himself into everything head first even if it was a battle and he was outnumbered. He is extremely protective over his queen Midas ( and would protect her and his pride at all costs.


it is a very overgrown forest, like the rainforests in washington and oregon, my pride lives in a really old abandon church with vines and like its like derosioned and all that, ur walking through it and you see this lioness she walks up to u and invites u to stay, u can leave it here or introduce some of my other lions whatever is fine lol

doc I work off from; here you can see current progress and when I'm actively working

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