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2021-02-07 00:59:27
Markings Affected: Chert Smudge, Chocolate Smudge, Clay Smudge, Copal Smudge, Dark Brown Smudge, Doubloon Smudge, Heather Smudge, Marigold Smudge, Mocha Smudge, Noctis Smudge, Onyx Smudge, Red Smudge, Steele Smudge

The Smudge marking appears to be at a very, very low opacity when viewing it on Cub Newborn Bobbed Tail, Primal, Primal (Felis), Primal (Ferus), Primal (Smilus), and Tailless. All other age stages, genders, and mutations display the full opacity marking properly.

Cub Newborn Default

Cub Newborn Bobbed Tail (& Primal etc.) & Tailless
5Jx1ITR.png DpV5fFR.png

In addition to this, it seems like the Cub Newborn and Cub Young Folded Ears stages do not have coloured ears with the Smudge marking while other age stages do. I guess technically this would affect all Cub Newborn and Cub Young stages since they all display ears. :P

Cub Newborn Folded Ears (missing ear colour)

Cub Young Folded Ears (missing ear colour)

Cub Folded Ears

Teen Female and Teen Male Folded Ears
pr7fAj3.png 9D31hDC.png

Adult Female and Adult Male Folded Ears (although Adult Male seems like it's missing colour on the ear tips)
OkA14yj.png rPnVaHs.png

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