-LOCKED - February Development Update #29!
Posted on 2021-02-12 22:43:13

A mockup of two decorated lionesses adorned in the newest piercings and crown decors.

Massive (But Tiny) Crafting!

We've added 120 tiny piercing decors in a plethora of recolours to bring out some personality in your lions, in an (almost) endless amount of combinations!

Here are the sets and how you can craft them!

Blue (5x Rainbow Stones each)
tinypiercings_blue_nosebridge.png tinypiercings_septum_blue.png tinypiercings_blue_nose_r.png tinypiercings_blue_nose_l.png tinypiercings_blue_earrings_r.png tinypiercings_blue_earrings_l.png tinypiercings_blue_tripleear_r.png tinypiercings_blue_tripleear_l.png tinypiercings_blue_tripleeyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_blue_tripleeyebrow_l.png tinypiercings_blue_eyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_blue_eyebrow_l.png

Orange (5x Shiny Orange Rock each)
tinypiercings_orange_nosebridge.png tinypiercings_septum_orange.png tinypiercings_orange_nose_r.png tinypiercings_orange_nose_l.png tinypiercings_orange_earrings_r.png tinypiercings_orange_earrings_l.png tinypiercings_orange_tripleear_r.png tinypiercings_orange_tripleear_l.png tinypiercings_orange_tripleeyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_orange_tripleeyebrow_l.png tinypiercings_orange_eyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_orange_eyebrow_l.png

Green (5x Shiny Green Rock each)
tinypiercings_green_nosebridge.png tinypiercings_septum_green.png tinypiercings_green_nose_r.png tinypiercings_green_nose_l.png tinypiercings_green_earrings_r.png tinypiercings_green_earrings_l.png tinypiercings_green_tripleear_r.png tinypiercings_green_tripleear_l.png tinypiercings_green_tripleeyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_green_tripleeyebrow_l.png tinypiercings_green_eyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_green_eyebrow_l.png

Yellow (5x Rainbow Stones each)
tinypiercings_yellow_nosebridge.png tinypiercings_septum_yellow.png tinypiercings_yellow_nose_r.png tinypiercings_yellow_nose_l.png tinypiercings_yellow_earrings_r.png tinypiercings_yellow_earrings_l.png tinypiercings_yellow_tripleear_r.png tinypiercings_yellow_tripleear_l.png tinypiercings_yellow_tripleeyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_yellow_tripleeyebrow_l.png tinypiercings_yellow_eyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_yellow_eyebrow_l.png

Black (5x Shiny Black Rock each)
tinypiercings_black_nosebridge.png tinypiercings_septum_black.png tinypiercings_black_nose_r.png tinypiercings_black_nose_l.png tinypiercings_black_earrings_r.png tinypiercings_black_earrings_l.png tinypiercings_black_tripleear_r.png tinypiercings_black_tripleear_l.png tinypiercings_black_tripleeyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_black_tripleeyebrow_l.png tinypiercings_black_eyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_black_eyebrow_l.png

White (5x Shiny White Rock each)
tinypiercings_white_nosebridge.png tinypiercings_septum_white.png tinypiercings_white_nose_r.png tinypiercings_white_nose_l.png tinypiercings_white_earrings_r.png tinypiercings_white_earrings_l.png tinypiercings_white_tripleear_r.png tinypiercings_white_tripleear_l.png tinypiercings_white_tripleeyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_white_tripleeyebrow_l.png tinypiercings_white_eyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_white_eyebrow_l.png

Purple (5x Rainbow Stones each)
tinypiercings_purple_nosebridge.png tinypiercings_septum_purple.png tinypiercings_purple_nose_r.png tinypiercings_purple_nose_l.png tinypiercings_purple_earrings_r.png tinypiercings_purple_earrings_l.png tinypiercings_purple_tripleear_r.png tinypiercings_purple_tripleear_l.png tinypiercings_purple_tripleeyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_purple_tripleeyebrow_l.png tinypiercings_purple_eyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_purple_eyebrow_l.png

Pink (5x Rainbow Stones each)
tinypiercings_pink_nosebridge.png tinypiercings_septum_pink.png tinypiercings_pink_nose_r.png tinypiercings_pink_nose_l.png tinypiercings_pink_earrings_r.png tinypiercings_pink_earrings_l.png tinypiercings_pink_tripleear_r.png tinypiercings_pink_tripleear_l.png tinypiercings_pink_tripleeyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_pink_tripleeyebrow_l.png tinypiercings_pink_eyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_pink_eyebrow_l.png

Red (5x Shiny Red Rock each)
tinypiercings_red_nosebridge.png tinypiercings_septum_red.png tinypiercings_red_nose_r.png tinypiercings_red_nose_l.png tinypiercings_red_earrings_r.png tinypiercings_red_earrings_l.png tinypiercings_red_tripleear_r.png tinypiercings_red_tripleear_l.png tinypiercings_red_tripleeyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_red_tripleeyebrow_l.png tinypiercings_red_eyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_red_eyebrow_l.png

Teal (5x Shiny Teal Rock each)
tinypiercings_teal_nosebridge.png tinypiercings_septum_teal.png tinypiercings_teal_nose_r.png tinypiercings_teal_nose_l.png tinypiercings_teal_earrings_r.png tinypiercings_teal_earrings_l.png tinypiercings_teal_tripleear_r.png tinypiercings_teal_tripleear_l.png tinypiercings_teal_tripleeyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_teal_tripleeyebrow_l.png tinypiercings_teal_eyebrow_r.png tinypiercings_teal_eyebrow_l.png

Black line separator.

February Crafting

We've added four new recipes to Tier 3 of February crafting!

Jewelry: Veiled Crown [Garnet]
15x Gem: Garnet
Jewelry: Veiled Crown [Amethyst]
15x Gem: Amethyst
Jewelry: Veiled Crown [Ruby]
15x Gem: Rough Ruby
Jewelry: Veiled Crown [Rhodonite]
15x Gem: Rhodonite

Black line separator.

New Markings!

A mockup of a Rough Ruby lioness with various Cinnabar markings.

Cinnabar is a brand new NCL exclusive marking colour, joining the ranks of Clay, Copal, and Marigold! It has a few non-exclusive special shapes, and we may look into adding more in the future, if desired. Here's a list of all the new Cinnabar markings!

Raffle (Tier 2)
* Cinnabar Crackle
* Cinnabar Margay
Note: These are temporarily set to Tier 5 to prevent them from being applied via RMA/Total Shuffle until they are released via raffle lionesses!

NCL Exclusive (Tier 3)
* Cinnabar Belly
* Cinnabar Coat
* Cinnabar Face
* Cinnabar Inverted Brindle
* Cinnabar Luster
* Cinnabar Marozi
* Cinnabar Points
* Cinnabar Sable
* Cinnabar Smudge
* Cinnabar Snout
* Cinnabar Socks
* Cinnabar Underbelly
* Cinnabar Undercoat
* Cinnabar Unders
* Cinnabar Undersides
* Cinnabar Undertone
* Cinnabar Vesture
* Leg Banding Cinnabar
* Tail Banding Cinnabar

Random Marking Applicator/Total Shuffle Exclusive (Tier 6)
* Cinnabar Zebra

We've also added a few more custom, NCL exclusive, and raffle markings in existing colours!

New Custom Markings (Tier 1)
* Leg Banding Coral
* Leg Banding Gold
* Tail Banding Coral
* Tail Banding Gold

New Raffle Markings (Tier 2)
* Leg Banding Auburn
* Leg Banding Lilac
* Tail Banding Auburn
* Tail Banding Lilac
Note: These are temporarily set to Tier 5 to prevent them from being applied via RMA/Total Shuffle until they are released via raffle lionesses!

New NCL Exclusive Markings (Tier 3)
* Leg Banding Clay
* Leg Banding Copal
* Leg Banding Marigold
* Tail Banding Clay
* Tail Banding Copal
* Tail Banding Marigold

Remember that your pride leader's Impression level must be Impressive, Very Impressive, Extremely Impressive, or Dreamboat to find game-generated NCLs with NCL exclusive markings! We hope you'll have fun spotting these salmon-y striped gals in the wild.

Black line separator.

Whack a Snake Notice

This announcement was intended to be released in the December Development Update #27 news post. Unfortunately, it appears this announcement was overwritten in the original news post before it had been released, and we were unaware up until last week that this had not been relayed officially to players.

As many of you are aware of by this point, Adobe has stopped supporting Flash player in all browsers, effective January 12th, 2021. Fortunately, the only Flash-based game on Lioden is Whack a Snake. Unfortunately, this means that any players who do not have outdated browsers or operating systems have been unable to play Whack a Snake since this date.

We would like to formally announce that we are working on a replacement of sorts for Whack a Snake. Until a replacement is officially released, the prizes for this game cannot be acquired (unless you play Lioden on an old dinosaur browser). Some of you have noticed we have been releasing the prizes through our community raffles—we would like to keep the unique backgrounds and decors Whack a Snake has to offer in circulation until you can once more receive them by playing a minigame!

Black line separator.

Art Bug Fixes

* Fixed a smudged line on Tail Banding Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Brown, Mahogany, Noctis, Onyx, and White markings for Folded Ears Male teen stage
* Fixed a smudged line on Tail Banding Black, Brown, Dark Brown, and Onyx markings for Maneless Male teen stage

Coding Bug Fixes

* Long trade names should no longer break the Trading Center pages on mobile devices/narrow screens.
* Deceased lions stored within your Pride Dynasty are now able to be imported into the Lion Wardrobe, both through the "Import to Wardrobe" button on their pages, and by pasting their ID into the wardrobe itself. Please note: the background you see when viewing deceased lions will not carry over to the wardrobe, nor will the Halo decor (unless you actually have one equipped to your deceased lion).
* Equipping Lab Test Frogs to pride leaders should no longer cause broken images if they have "Below" custom decors equipped.

Additional Note: Peach mane files will be added to the Lion Wardrobe sometime this weekend!!

Black line separator.

Raffle Lioness

Congrats Serbs [SpinalBelt side] (#161308)! You have won last week's Haze lady, woo!
A new Orchid lady with Cinnabar Crackle (NEW!), Feline 9 Silky, and the eighth Lake Tanganyika background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area linked here!

3012.png 3016.png 3013.png

Shad has added 25 new tags this month in the Appreciation, Breeding, Doodles, February, and Miscellaneous ➜ NPCs categories!

Poll Results - Looks like many of you voted to swap the mane colours Amber, Anjeer, Ashen, Cameo, Champagne, Chartreux, Flint, Goldenrod, Nacarat, and Shedua from Custom to Breed-Only. We will be changing the rarity of these mane colours in time for the next community update on February 19th!

NEW POLL - Wow, all those piercing decors that were released today! Pretty nifty, right? Would you like even more various piercing decors, or do you think we have enough? Let us know!

Black line separator.

Next Update: Community Update - February 19th!
Next Development Update: March 12th!!

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