-LOCKED - April Development Update #31!
Posted on 2021-04-09 21:25:17

April Event Content Info and Update!

Today, we bring some extra fresh content to April's event!

Hibiscus Markings screenshot.

Much like the Fuchsia applicator pair, Hibiscus now has a matching marking applicator: Hibiscus Nectar! You can craft it year-round. The available markings are Hibiscus Feline (4), Hibiscus Feralis, Hibiscus Rogue, and Hibiscus Undercover!

You are also now able to craft the Water Hyacinth base year-round. Its genetics are Black Light Solid Special and it is tied to Dusky skin.

Hibiscus Nectar
Craft 2x Fuchsia Flowers, 100x Ubhubhubhu, 100x Uvuma-Omhlope, 20x Shiny Red Rocks and 20x Rainbow Stones
Scent of Water Hyacinth
Craft 4x Fuchsia Flowers, 100x Buchu, 100x Nut Grass, 100x Dream Root, and 40x Shoebill Feathers

Bunny Shop Update
A nice handful of items have been added to the Bunny Shop!
Kiko Goat Horns [Dark]
Tier 2
Kiko Goat Horns [Light]
Tier 2
Goat Horns [Dark]
Tier 1
Goat Horns [Light]
Tier 1

Hyacinth Eye Genetics?!
Just in case you were wondering, here are the pass/fail genetics for the April event NCL exclusive Hyacinth eyes: 40% Hyacinth, 30% Blue, 15% Pink, 10% Ice, 5% Seafoam!

Black line separator.

General Content Update

New Craftable Decors!
White-Banded Digger Bee
Craft 15x Carpenter Bees [1] and 10x Fuchsia Flowers
Cape Honey Bee
Craft 15x Carpenter Bees [1] and 10x Fuchsia Flowers
Red-Legged Carpenter Bee
Craft 15x Carpenter Bees [1] and 10x Fuchsia Flowers

New Monkey Business Decors!
Flower Crown [Vlei Ink-Flower]
Flower Crown [Treasure Flower]
Flower Crown [Rosy Posy]

Gorilla Enclave Decors!
The new theme this time around is the Philippines! As usual, the gorillas bring one background, five animals, and a special plant for you to check out.

[GE - Philippines] Chocolate Hills
[GE - Philippines] Visayan Spotted Deer
[GE - Philippines] Calamian Deer
[GE - Philippines] Philippine Deer
[GE - Philippines] Cloud Rat
[GE - Philippines] Askal
[GE - Philippines] Sambac Jasmine

Black line separator.

New Raffle-Exclusive Base!

Green Bushveld base screenshot.

Some time ago, you all voted to see more raffle-exclusive bases. We thought it would be a great way to introduce a new green base: Bushveld! This base will exclusively be released via weekly raffle lionesses, just like Haze, Pearl, Sepia, etc.

Bushveld is a Golden Medium Countershaded Special base tied to Tawny skin!

Black line separator.

New Raffle Markings!

Thanks to your votes in a previous poll, we have refreshed the Dorsal Line marking by adding in a nice handful of recolours! Dorsal Line itself has been renamed to Black Dorsal Line—all lions have had their markings automatically updated to reflect this.

Dorsal Line Recolours
* Blue Dorsal Line
* Brown Dorsal Line
* Cream Dorsal Line
* Dark Brown Dorsal Line
* Gold Dorsal Line
* Lilac Dorsal Line
* Noctis Dorsal Line
* Onyx Dorsal Line
* Red Dorsal Line
* Tangor Dorsal Line
* White Dorsal Line

In addition to this, we've also added in raffle-tier Freckles 1, 2, and 3 recolours!

Freckles Recolours
* Ginger Freckles 1, 2, 3
* Lilac Freckles 1, 2, 3

As is typical with new raffle markings, these markings have been assigned to Tier 5 to prevent them from being applied with Random Marking Applicators and Total Shuffles until they can be officially released on raffle lionesses.

Black line separator.

Wenet Cousin Pool Refresh

For those of you that prefer to claim one of Wenet's many cousins over Wenet herself, we have refreshed the pool of attributes found on Wenet cousins! Keep in mind that the previous attributes can still be found on cousins—we've just enhanced the pool to add in more neat stuff!

Arabica, Asali, Dhahabi, Madagascar, Maziwa, Noctis, Rhubarb, Sahara, Umber

Hetero Blue & Brown, Hetero Blue & Green, Hetero Brown & Blue, Hetero Green & Blue, Hyacinth, Sectoral Brown & Blue, Sectoral Green & Blue

Mane Colours
Blush Rose, Cameo, Chestnut, Cremello, Dark Vanilla, Dikela, Ginger, Liver, Madagascar, Mahogany, Noctis, Ochre, Onyx, Persimmon, Qahir, Ruddy, Shedua, Tan, Vandal

Cinnabar Coat, Cinnabar Face, Cinnabar Points, Cinnabar Sable, Cinnabar Smudge, Cinnabar Snout, Cinnabar Margay, Dim Noctis, Noctis Cozy, Noctis Dapple, Noctis Inverted Brindle, Noctis Limb Patch, Noctis Margay, Noctis Patch, Noctis Siamese

Black line separator.

Art Issues Fixed

* Tail lineart shadow on Cub Young Bobbed Tail and Primals
* Dohne Merino Lamb on Snarky Pose displayed the wrong file
* Garland Tailwrap [Festive] on Adult Male Tsavo displayed the wrong file
* Charming Chains (all recolours) on Adult Male Hellraiser displayed the wrong file
* Bast base on Cub Polycaudal and Adult Male Smilus displayed the wrong files
* Toxic Flame Accents (Ears and Head) on Adult Male Transvaal displayed the wrong files
* Rib Ornaments [Tail Armour] on Jolly and Evil Poses had clipping issues
* Murex Legwraps on Teen Female, Kind, and Evil Pose had smudges
* Madagascan Pygmy Kingfisher on Teen Female had a wrong placement
* Striped Bush Squirrel on Teen Female had clipping issues
* Yellow-Crested Helmetshrike on Teen Female, Teen Male, and Adult Female had clipping issues
* Albino Raven on Teen Male, Adult Male, Adult Female, and Jolly Pose had clipping issues
* Gazania on Adult Male Tsavo, Good, Jolly, and Kind Poses had clipping issues
* Madagascar Giant Bamboo had clipping issues on all stages
* Panther on Adult Female Dorsal Fur had clipping issues
* Cropped shadow on Orphaned Lion Cub for Jolly Pose
* Hirola was missing for Neutral Pose
* Expression: Desperation was missing for Cub
* Lovebird Plumage Piles was missing for Teen Female
* Sun-Dried Wildebeest Head was missing for Teen Female
* Butterfly Face Paint was missing for Adult Male Diabolic
* Sigil Amulets were missing for Adult Male Incubus
* Piebald (Dappled) was missing for Adult Male Regent
* Patches (Vernal) was missing for Adult Male Sideburn
* Long-Flower Kalanchoe Crown was missing for Adult Male
* Jewelry: Limb Adornments [Shaman] was missing for Adult Male
* Antelope Hoof Earrings was missing for Adult Male
* Rose and Tanzanite eyes were missing for Teen Male Leopon
* Merlot mane colour was missing for Teen Male Primal (Felis)
* Shiny Rock Right Triple Ear Piercing [White] was missing for all stages
* Cape Gannet was missing for all stages
* Cape Gannet Tail Ornament on Adult Female displayed the wrong file
* Jewelry: Kunzite Skirt on Adult Male displayed the wrong file
* Jewelry: Tanzanite Skirt on Adult Female displayed the wrong file

Remember that if you cannot see the art change, your browser cache needs to be cleared!

Coding Bug Fixed

There was previously an issue where, if your lioness earned a scar while hunting, but she already had that scar equipped, the item would be "on your account" while also vanished to the void. This has been fixed—any excess scars earned will now properly go straight to your hoard if the lioness that earned it already has a copy equipped.

Please do not be alarmed if you have a sudden mass of scar decors littering your hoards! There were over 500,000 scars previously stuck in the void. Now you can go sell them to Monkey Business or throw them all onto one lion. Yay.

Black line separator.

Raffle Lioness

Congrats Indigo (#215561)! You have won last week's Citrine lady, woo!
A new Bushveld lady with Cream Dorsal Line (NEW!), Saffron Pelage, and the tenth Shores of Burundi background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area linked here! (We didn't permanently skip Lake Tanganyika, it will return next week—Shores of Burundi just fits so well with Bushveld! )

3049.png 3055.png 3041.png

Shad has added 19 new tags this month in the Appreciation, April, Breeding, and Beetles categories!

Poll Results - Thank you for voting! It seems we'll be adding in a new Apophis shrine for you to trade in your Chaos Snake Scales. No new Chthonic Snake NPCs this year, either!

NEW POLL - Woohoo, more green stuff! Now that we have a decent amount of green bases on Lioden, how about... green MARKINGS? :D Would you be interested in some green-coloured markings? They would be cutouts of some of the existing green bases. Let us know!

Black line separator.

Next Update: Community Update - April 16th!
Next Development Update: May 14th!!

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