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Ostrich (#230306)

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2021-07-06 15:44:01
Welcome to the Hidden Gems Adoption Center!

Here you can chose up to 2 specified markings or a base on a lion and we’ll try to get it for you. You may also chose the gender of the lion/lioness and also state if you want a clean lion or not. Adopting them is simple, just fill out the form below:

Gender of wanted lion(ess):
Specified marking(s):
Specified base:

You may request 3 lions or lionesses in a week. Please do note that while we will try our best to follow your request, due to our limited funds we cannot promise to get you lions with very expensive bases (Pulsar, Rose Gold etc.).

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Kota (#240001)

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2021-09-15 04:45:51
Preferably male but im fine with a female too