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2021-07-17 07:50:03
So, with the new implementation of the AC and how hard they are to get, I propose having 3-5 lionesses to choose from when raffling.

Now hear me out.

The reason for this is that in the old system, most everyone could afford the raffle. The currency is much more difficult to get, more costly due to the needed currency to even enter to celestial explore. There are way more players than when the first celestial raffle was implemented, so each year the odds of getting a celestial become more and more remote. Ive been playing a very long time and I have never won one, and none of my past friends have ever won one or knew someone who did.

What Ive been thinking of is this:

*Three to five lionesses, set up just like the Prophets in November.

*The player gets to choose one and only one each rotation.

*Each lioness is randomly generated, and none of the offered lionesses are identical.

*The rotation is 24 hours apart, up from the 12 hours it is currently and the rotation resets with new lions each time.

*The cost of the raffle should still be 5AC.

This might help spread more lions out among the populace. Encourage more participation within the event and offer a wider range of markings, bases and eyes to be distributed.

Someone suggested a stud, which I did like much much more, but I feel a raffle makes the lionesses and their markings more special as it takes a lot more strategy and value to breed from a single lioness than offering everyone to breed to one lion.

Anyhow, thats my suggestion.

This suggestion has 29 supports and 3 NO supports.

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