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Applebugs (#219855)

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Posted on
2021-07-17 10:38:31
Just looking to do a few art trades, mostly in search of feline or dragon artists cause I don’t have many Ocs.

I’ll PM you if I’m interested in doing an art trade, and you’re free to simplify my characters designs if you feel they’re too complex!

My art shop(old) and Toyhouse (more recent)for examples -

Things I will do-
Felines, dogs, dragons, most animals with paws, wings of any kind, and light gore. If you don’t know if your character falls into these categories just ask :)

What I won’t do-
Equines, NSFW, Humans, Anthro (unless it’s a headshot/bust),
reptiles/amphibians, Lioden lions

Just comment with an example of your art if you’re interested!

Currently have:
2 Art trades complete

I’m not too picky ab skill level as I’m not a professional myself

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Candy [G2 dorsal |
x3 ros] (#221180)

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Posted on
2021-07-17 10:47:14
Here is my art shop

Pm me if you are interested ;)

Jessie [Tri Ros
Ebony] (#197992)

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Posted on
2021-07-17 12:04:18

Here's my art shop for some examples, I have some other art too if you'd like to see that: ^^

Sutekh G2Harle (#191227)

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Posted on
2021-07-17 20:23:11
omg im def subbing for when my drawing pad works again and I can post examples ;w; your art is breathtaking!!

Miss Wonderland (#212712)

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Posted on
2021-08-19 06:56:40
U art is soo cool :) i hope u like my style!

Feel free to PM ^^

Evergreene (#128175)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2021-08-26 10:43:54
I like your art! Feel free to PM if you wanna art trade! (my art)

Constinal {TDL+} (#59025)

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Posted on
2021-08-29 21:46:03
I would love to art trade! PM me if interested and I'll send over to you some examples of my art. I'm not to educated in drawing dragons but what's the point in doing art if you don't experiment right? Lol

Chaos the Demon RL
Clone BLM (#211139)

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Posted on
2021-08-30 15:42:46 I’d be happy to do an art trade! Here are my examples! My Instagram has more it’s linked on my carrd