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2021-07-18 18:15:41
Hi, I'm Bee! I use he/they pronouns.

I'm looking for a literate one-on-one roleplayer for... well, I'm open to a lot! We'll get into that in a moment. I would like to stick to Discord (you can find me at garbageshelby#6095), but I can be swayed in the direction of e-mail. I've been roleplaying for 10+ years, but I'm coming back after a long break. I have more experience with fandom roleplay, but I'm absolutely open to original stuff as well. I don't really have any current OCs, but I'd love to worldbuild with you and create a fun space for ourselves to play in!


* I would only like to play with other adults. I'm 23 years old and am looking for 18+ partners only! This is a hard line.
* I am comfortable with any rating, and intimate scenes, but I don't want to do a nsfw-only roleplay. I'm in this for the story.
* I am very into angsty plots! This isn't to say that I only want to play these kinds of plots, but if you're not into angst at all, it may not work out. We can absolutely discuss specific triggers too; I want this to be fun for everyone, and I don't want to make you uncomfortable in any way!
* I prefer 1-2 paragraph length replies, but I value quality over quantity. I have written three sentence replies, and I have written 800+ word replies. It depends on the plot and the moment.
* I prefer playing male characters, and I would play MxM or MxF but have a preference for MxM. Nonbinary characters are welcomed all around as well. In addition, my own gender preference doesn't apply to side characters we may fill in for - I can play a lady in a side scene if need be!


* I have roleplayed in a lot of fandoms and am absolutely open to those! I've played Supernatural, Hannibal, DC Comics/Batfamily, Marvel (although I'm not crazy about that one these days), Ace Attorney, Borderlands, and Game of Thrones.
* I have a wide range of interests and this is not an exhaustive list of fandoms I would play in!
* I have a few starters for some of these at the ready, but I'm willing to try new stuff too!
* AUs for any of these are more than welcome as well.


* Science Fiction in almost any capacity!
* High Fantasy in almost any capacity!
* Paranormal in almost any capacity!
* This is not an exhaustive list either; we can discuss whatever it is you're into!

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