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2021-09-04 07:54:05
I am selling everything in my hoard as I am tired of looking at it. So here are the items, prices will be determined when someone shows interest in one or more items. I am willing to negotiate the price if it is too much.

1x Brawl
1x Inverted Brawl
1x Aufeis Sheet
4x Brimstone Imprints
1x Brimstone Mane
3x Burning Embers
1x Divine Blessing
1x Dust: Rough Ruby
1x Eldritch Immolation
4x Gregarious Mark
1x Gregarious Phase
1x Gregarious Swarm
1x Heavenly Blessing
4x RMA
1x Triumphant

22x Amethyst
12x Bloodstone
17x Carnelian
21x Cat's Eye
10x Celestite
28x Dioptase
20x Fire Opal
26x Garnet
17x Hematite
27x Jasper
10x Kunzite
12x Labradorite
23 Meteorite
22x Moonstone
19x Moss Agate
22x Nuummite
10x Periodt
17x Rhodonite
16x Rough Opal
19x Rough Ruby
26x Sparkling Opal
16x Tanzanite
10x Natural Glass

1x Black Stallion
1x Leopard Orchid
5x Roasted Lambs
1x Zebra Heart

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Posted on
2022-04-30 00:46:48
How much for ur 1 Leopard Orchid

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