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2021-10-26 02:13:19

Hello, My name is Aerys. I'm an 18 year old woman who has been an active roleplayer for quite a while. I first emmersed into the world of roleplay when I was about 11, I was very avid in the adventure scene but now that I'm an adult I do prefer romance above all. [18+ Characters]. I'm a usually talkative and goofy person and I'm always friendly. I'm not afraid to speak up about things, so if tou do something that I dont like or if wer enot a good fit I will tell tou, please dont take it personally. I'm very good with communication and will tell you if i need a break, I hope you will do the same with me. As well as communication you need to tell me when you're busy or if you cannot roleplay that day.

With that being said I am not a one reply a day person, I am an active roleplayer and will actively and quickly reply to all responses you give me, the length and detail WILL BE BASED OFF YOURS. If you want length and detail, I need you to give me that. I cant feed replied off of thin air.

I'm Rarely Ever on here for Anything, ADD MY DISCORD TO SPEAK

••Roleplaying Infortmation••
I am a Discord only roleplayer, thus all roleplaying/planning/characters will be held there.
My Discord is Aerys#4673
For Face claims I use Pinterest most of the time. They can be Animanag/Art or Real photos of people/Celebs.
I do tend to use a particular format for my characters, but never add personalities because I can never stick to them.

Game of thrones
The Spanish Princess
The originals
The vampire diaries
I am dragon
The shape of water
Avatar [pandora]
Avatar the last airbender
The witcher
Attack on titan
Tokyo Ghoul
My hero academia
Demon Slayer
Many more [ask me about some]

Excessive Mature Content
Things I cannot say on lioden [please ask]
Always playing male characters
No communication
Being ghosted/lied to
Short responses/ one liners
One reply a day

• Active most days
• Lengthy/ Detailed Replies
• Mature
•Communicates well
•Semi-Literate or Literate

Password is Grapefruit<3

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Rat go Br (G3 9xBO
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Posted on
2021-12-08 15:58:49
I would if i gave Lengthy replies. but I can't </3

Aeryz (#155003)

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Posted on
2021-12-14 00:55:42
Le grey replies can be anywhere from 4-8 lines if it makes a paragraph its okay with me. :)

White Rabbit (#133043)

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Posted on
2021-12-16 19:11:21
Sent friend request on discord! I'm down to rp!

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Posted on
2021-12-22 18:37:19
Before I send a friend request, here is a few examples of my lazy rp replies:
^These are all animal rps, but are the only available examples I have atm^

I mainly do Animal rps, but will do human/humanoid rps; however I am not as good at it.
I'm not that into [excessive] mature content, but will go alone with it if so desired [other things make me uncomfortable that I'd prefer not to mention on lioden in-case its not allowed].

However, somedays I may be struggling to RP large lines, but I'll always let the person know:
this is down to the following;
- Eyes hurting
- Tiredness from insomnia
- Having arguments with people
- Sadly frequent anxiety/panic attacks
- Stress [not very frequent]
- Somedays my hands do get shakey, so I will struggle to type [they constantly shake, but i'll only take a while/ask to take a break if it gets extremely bad].

I type very quickly and respond immediately to every rp response someone does [It will take me a while if the reply is short, undetailed, or not very informative/including of my oc].
I am also a very busy person with school [only when school is one]; but i will otherwise reply all the time.

I don't prefer rping a 'dominant' oc, but I will as long as it is a male.
If i also rp as a human/humanoid oc I do prefer to use psychotic/human x animal characters.

I can share more info if it is alright to send a friend req to your acc

RedVelvet (#32776)

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Posted on
2022-02-01 21:17:55
If your still interested pm me! I'm up for anything.