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2021-12-04 19:09:49

I want to see your trees for Christmas! This is my first time buying and setting up a tree solo. I did it for my boyfriend because he loves christmas.

Funfact, my birthday is on christmas.

Funnier Fact, my legal middle name is christmas.


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2021-12-05 11:51:09
Ooooh, I love looking at trees! This is the first year we have been able to buy our very own tree and I'm so thankful for it. I've always wanted a flocked one, too! Excuse my old crusty house, we just moved in and she needs a reno pretty bad. xD


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Posted on
2021-12-06 09:58:59
Pretty!! I went with these colors this year.. We sized down our tree lol it's easier to decorate and take down.
(Don't know how to send images-im new to this lol)

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