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2021-12-23 21:32:39


ayo! i'm going to be doing a few art requests here on lioden so feel free to post your characters below. i may draw them for a warmup sketch, style experiment, or in a small piece as a commission example. i do ferals, humans, anthros, monsters, even robots sometimes, so show me what you got.

also, you're welcome to write a bit about your character so i can get their vibe if i end up drawing them (or if you would like to share oc lore in general). if you have any specific scenes/expressions ideas in mind, just let me know as well.

this is NOT a first come first serve basis. please respect that if i don't end up doing your request. thank you.



happy holidays and stay safe out there. ❄️

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NocTerra|Ely|G2 (#118146)

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Posted on
2021-12-24 07:53:11
This is my human oc if you’re interested: Hifira
Studious and stern while studying, loves books and medicine, likes to sit outside to read. Cheerful when relaxing or doing chores. Setting is like fantasy medieval Europe.

And here’s her cat for something simpler: Efkairia
An outdoor cat, comes and goes as he pleases. Playful, cunning, and bold to the point of recklessness.

Thank you for the opportunity, and thank you if you choose to do any of them!

🪱Noodle Doodle
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Posted on
2021-12-24 10:10:16
You’re free to do whatever with any of these characters!
Tysm for the chance!

bonepepper (#151356)

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Posted on
2021-12-24 10:55:10
Here's a few you can choose from if you're interested!

yellowjacket here has a very prim and no-nonsense personality. Generally on top of things and has a sophisticated look to them.

My poltergeist here is a killer ghost who's more on the playful side when it comes to his murderous deeds! Generally enjoys freaking people out by chasing them with his chainsaw or possessing inanimate objects.

This sweet boy is a true gentle giant. He loves being around flowers and nature. Very kind and has a shy/calm personality.

Feel free to look here for more characters, Thank you!

Creed (#14657)

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Posted on
2021-12-27 08:17:52
You can try one of my 2 cheetah siblings if you want ^^
Vinto is more serious and withdrawn, often roams around and keeps to himself.
Kenha, cares for him, often upset he is gone to god knows where, but she aint a pushover herself, very skilled and witty.
Thanks if you consider <3

Jay (#206602)

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Posted on
2021-12-31 06:14:00
If this is still open-
i5quzzc.png (With a radio collar please)
Clicky Link. They're going to be a gruesome king, killing the weak and starving the strong to test their resilience. They'll keep to themselves to themselves, away from the pride they've taken over and therefore allow the pride to go hungry days at a time.

You can take your time with this (If you even do it - The last response was 3 days ago but no pressure )

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Pyramid (#247929)

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Posted on
2022-01-11 11:59:21
Anyone here, if one gets your interest!

Fire 🔥BLM (#35734)

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Posted on
2022-01-11 12:02:24
if youd like, here are my main ocs! thanks ^^

17 (xe/bite) (#134111)

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Posted on
2022-01-13 17:18:35
could you draw my girl simakia?

A Confused Waffle (#100978)

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Posted on
2022-01-13 17:22:25
Any chars here, honestly go wild!
If youre unable to view the characters (requires a TH account), please, lmk! :)