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2022-05-19 19:11:20
You can click the picture to go to his breeding page!
PRICE: 350 or 1
STATS: 2.2k

I am on multiple times a day for hunting and exploring, so I will most likey get to any sent requests before rollover even if I am offline. Stud requests always take precedence over exploring.

-Please have VLF revealed so I know what I'm getting into.
-I explore a lot, so if I don't respond to your request it's because I'm out of energy. Please be patient.
-I'll go until your gal is pregnant, but if she takes two bars of energy you'll either have to wait for mine to refill, send an energy boost, or use fertility items.
-That being said please do not remove your request once I've started.
-Gb gets you 3 refunded breedings, just make sure to mention in the messages when reclaiming one.

-Breed to a lioness with the mane shape Royal, Tuft, Sideburn, or Thick for a chance at the Mane Imperial mutation.
-Breed to Deshret or Wepwawet for a chance at the Ra base.

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