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2022-09-23 03:50:42
I recently fell into the rabbit hole of learning about clean and 'squeaky clean' lineage projects on lioden. I had already started a few months ago and knew I wanted to do no imbreeding. But I found out that not only to be squeaky clean do I need to not imbreed(which I was already doing with no problems) But I also need to not have lineage in my lionesses of the 'big 4'.

I didnt think any of my females had lineage of the big 4. But after looking into it, I had to purge my pride of four lionesses. Including one that was pregnant with one roll over left and two of the prettiest lionesses in my pride. :(

Im glad that my pride is now incest free and free of the big 4. Now its squeaky clean. I didnt realize how tough it was going to be going foreward to find interesting color patterns playing this way. That kind of makes it fun though. im pretty new to lioden, so it hasnt been too hard to keep my lines clean this early.

Anyone else doing squeaky clean prides?

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2022-09-23 08:31:17
I do completely clean prides with none of those! It’s easiest when you stick to Gen 4 and under though!

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2022-09-23 08:41:09
i also breed clean! its pretty easy if you start clean lol