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Squid_Side (#242794)

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2023-01-25 06:43:38
Hey! I had a few (a lot lol) ideas for Februarys event. The main being:
Secret Admirers.

Now what does that mean? I had the thought of a special message system that allowed you to anonymously send someone a gift/message.

Now I know this kind of thing could be used for trolling, but I've thought of ways to avoid that.

Below I stated EVERYTHING I thought of, hopefully in not too much text...

There could be a section on the feb event page that allows you to send a message to a friend/id through a different message system (so your messages wouldn’t get clogged). It could even have a “log” that’s only visible to you and mods of who you’ve sent messages to, so you don’t forget.

This would also allow for trollers to be caught by mods, as the mods would be able to see who sent what and when. There could be an “inbox” and “outbox” where you receive/send messages.

The inbox would be anonymous, so it wouldn’t tell who sent what. The outbox would say who you’ve sent stuff to, but nobody else can view your outbox (except mods).

There could also be a feature of it where you can choose (later on) to allow the person who you sent a message to to know it’s you, or it could just be revealed on Valentine’s Day. Or both! It could be auto revealed on Valentine’s Day, but you can still send anonymous messages afterwards. Every message would have its sender revealed automatically on the last day of February.

Along with messages, there could be (on the same page) the ability to send a gift! Maybe a max of 5 items sent at once though, so you can’t flood people with items. The same feature (revealing) used for messages could be used with gifts.

Messages could also be merged with gifts, and it could be sent with or without a message/gift. Like, a message with no gift, and a gift with no message.
For anonymous purposes, it could say (in your inbox) “sent by your secret admirer” until revealed, which it would say “sent by [insert name and tag]”.

Maybe you could get a small notif on the event page that said “You have a new message! I wonder who it’s from…”. I wouldn’t put the notif on any other page just because that may get annoying if multiple people send messages.

It’s probably also a good idea to limit sending a specific person a message to once per hour, and a limit to sending separate people messages to once per half hour or 15 mins.

There could be a little envelope icon (with a heart sealing it :D) that gets a number next to it denoting how many messages you have. It wouldn’t need a 0 if you had no messages, it just wouldn’t have a number next to it.

That envelope, wether or not you have new messages, would lead to a page with the inbox and outbox. This messaging system would be strictly anonymous UNLESS you reveal to someone you sent the message, or it’s auto-revealed (valentines day and the last day of feb).

The revealing feature would be accessible from the outbox in the specific message. You’d tap a message you’ve sent to someone THEN you can choose to reveal it, that way you won’t reveal it to someone on accident.

There could be a way of deleting messages you've received, but you’d only be able to delete them the next roll over (like, you get a message, then you have to wait until your next ro to be able to delete it). It could only be deleted from its page in the inbox, so you have to read it to be able to delete it (along with having it at least one ro).

Of course, there would be a report button for messages, just in case you get a bad message. Also, you can’t delete your outgoing messages. Or you can, but the other player would still have it. You’d have to double check who you’re sending to BEFORE sending it.

Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated! Also if someone could help me make this less annoying on the eyes that'd be great lol

Thanks for checking this out!!

This suggestion has 2 supports and 11 NO supports.

Chow.Hound (#162617)

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Posted on
2023-01-30 04:59:14
I think this is a cute idea but personally, I don’t think I’d want it implemented. It’s very similar to the December event gifting system (we even have the option of gifting anonymously already in Dec!), and if there was going to be a new mechanic added to the Feb event then I’d rather it be something that’s not from a different event.

If it was just an anonymous message thing then maybe? But I feel like it would be more trouble than it’s worth to code the new inbox, moderate troll letters, etc. since you could just send someone a gift and a nice message regularly already (knowing who it’s from wouldn’t matter since in the suggestion names would be revealed eventually anyway).

I personally think February is already very well fleshed out in terms of game mechanics and doesn’t even necessarily need anything else added in that regard, so I’d rather see time devoted towards giving Feb a storyline instead of adding another mechanic.

So it’s a no support from me, sorry! :(

Squid_Side (#242794)

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Posted on
2023-01-30 09:13:48
That’s okay! I’m glad to hear feedback, I appreciate your input!