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2023-03-30 18:28:14
you're welcome to make me an offer, but dont lowball please and thank you! i judge my prices off of the market place and branches! once an item is removed from this list it means i no longer have any.

x1 Burning embers
x1 One with the giants

x1 [Legacy] Waterhole
x3 Bloodbath
x6 Carcass
x2 Clean Lake
x3 Cozy Waterhole
x1 Fields of Aaru
x1 Hall of Judgement: Weighing Of Souls
x12 Hyena Lands
x1 Primordial Spring
x1 Savannah Ridge
x1 Snow-Covered Hut

x4 African Cucumber
x4 Aloe Leaf
x3 Broken Drone
x3 Cotton Root Bark
x18 Four Leaf Clover
x10 Gem: Amethyst
x11 Gem: Dioptase
x8 Gem: Garnet
x14 Gem: Kunzite
x10 Gem: Rhodonite
x10 Gem: Rough Ruby
x1 Lucky Foot
x4 Marula Fruit
x6 Nesting Material
x9 Shiny Black Rock
x7 Shiny Green Rock
x11 Shiny Orange Rock
x9 Shiny Teal Rock
x9 Shiny White Rock
x2 Snake Scent
x7 Speckled Pigeon
x5 Stripped Cacti
x2 Ubhubhubhu
x3 Umganu
x5 Uqume
x1 Uvuma-Omhlope
x8 Water Root

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Posted on
2024-05-21 12:34:28
Can I offer 1000 sb and a rosted lamb for your Hall of Judgement: Weighing of Souls background?

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