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2023-04-23 16:47:17
Im in need of RMA for my king! 𝕮𝖆𝖘𝖙ýáű𝖓

So i need rma and marking remover for my king!

So i want to try and get that since my funds arent great to support my king.
So i need random mark applicator and marking remover to rma rosettes onto my heir. She is already a double rosette. She will be stat replaced by a 1000+ stat G2 mutie that i already have picked out!^^

So for every 3 Random marking applicator or 3 marking remover or mix of the two, you will recieve a refunded studding! That may not seem like much but i sadly dont have much else to offer! This will be beneficial when your trying to breed for special combo bases and stuff since she will be an ice base mutie.!

Edit: The lions in my unsorted are for sell as well!!!!^^ ill trade them for rma currency or rma etc.

Thank you so much for whoever offers and helps. Ill also accept currency to help get rma or marking remover or whtvr else you want to send as well to help get mark remover or rma.

This is her link

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Posted on
2023-05-01 20:54:00
Hi! If you can pay 1ksb or 1GB I have a marking app for you!

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