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2023-08-17 08:12:05
I was looking at one of my cubs that had a White Dorsal Line marking and was flipping them through different poses in the Wardrobe when I noticed something: It doesn't go nearly as far as the default!

On the default pose, the White Dorsal Line reaches all the way to the nose, but on the poses, it stops right at the nose bridge (on most of them)! On Evil and Good it nearly reaches the nose, but on the rest it does not!

Here's all the poses to show the errors
I hate HTML so much it never works for me

No idea if the other Dorsal Line markings are like that, I only looked at the White since that's what my lion has!

Poses and Mutations that have an incorrect length:

- Cub Newborn (Inc. Tigon, All Forms with Minimal Lineart Change, Leopon, All Primals, and Dwarfism)
- Cub Young (Inc. Tigon, All Forms with Minimal Lineart Change, All Primals, Leopon (oddly blurry), and Dwarfism (oddly blurry))
- Cub+ (Tigon, Sirenomelia*, Lipomatosis, Extra Limbs, and Cleft Palette)
- Female Adolescent (It's the correct length but oddly blurry) (Inc. Tigon, Dwarfism, and Leopon)
- Male Adolescent+ (Tigon, Dwarfism (it's pretty close to correct length), and Leopon)
- Adult Male+ (Tigon, and Dwarfism)
- Adult Female+ (Tigon, Primal Felis, and Dwarfism (almost correct length))

+ - Default image is correct
* - Quartz Fawn on Sirenomelia is a golden color???

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Posted on
2023-11-20 14:26:26
The problem with the Quartz Fawn file has been fixed, but I'll leave this report up so Xylax can take a look at the Dorsal Line issues.

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