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2023-09-18 22:53:53
So you know how most skin colors are tied to bases? Well, in real life some eye colors are tied to hair/feather/scale color too, so why don't we have some in Lioden. My proposal is that when a cub inherits a certain base, it'll roll an extra 5% chance for whatever eye color is tied to its base. They are all BO. All the eye colors below will be tied to one or more existing Lioden bases.

Tied to Nadir & Styx

A pitch black eye color for anyone who'd rather go for something mysterious, dark, and foreboding. If you get this on a black lion, it'll look almost like a shadow.
Pass rates:
25% Void
20% Jet
20% Black
15% Midnight
10% Denim
10% Smoke

Tied to Goridhe, Doubloon, & Honey

Something natural and a treat to bump up the value of a few non-special bases.
Pass rate:
30% Nectar
25% Cognac
25% Sunstone
15% Sinoper
5% Sunglow

Tied to Damu, Ripe, Sunspot, Sahara, Abyssinian, & Nudar

Still naturalish, but a nice accent for the golden May bases. To think of it, there's not a lot of yellow gradients in-game, so it'll be a nice surprise for any golden groupie base breeders. Sorry Wine, maybe if the devs release more red groupie bases, I'll make another one for you.
Pass rate:
40% Radiant
30% Amber
20% Yellow
5% Apricot
5% Banana

Tied to Green

It's green as shit, it's obvious where it's going to go
Pass rate:
20% Verdant
15% Green
15% Mint
15% Jade
15% Emerald
15% Cucumber
5% Celadon

Tied to Chatoyant

The base is called Chatoyant, why shouldn't it get its own tied eye color? irl chatoyant stones are beautiful and I hope to reflect that in its pale slit pupils.
Pass rate:
20% Chatoyant
15% Yellow
15% Amber
15% Saffron
10% Sunburst
10% Sunstone
10% Peach
5% Glaze

Tied to Interstellar

Basically a sparkly night sky to complement the rare July base. Never seen something like this before, so why not design one? It's brighter than Interstellar to still stand out and the lack of pupil, aside from making it distinct, gives an otherwordly, almost extraterrestrial, vibe to any lion. Given its rarity, it'll get a weird passrate where the color itself isn't the most likely outcome & it can (rarely) pass some special BO eyes
Pass rate:
30% Blue
20% Sapphire
20% Crystal
15% Celestite
10% Stardust
1% Galaxy
1% Starshine
1% Dawn
1% Neutron
1% Stellar

Tied to Solaris

The exact opposite of Stardust, it's tied to the other uber-rare applicator in the game. It's modeled after the August eye apps, but its pupils are red to reflect the reddish tint your flesh gets when bright light hits it at the right angle. Given its rarity, it's also getting a weird passrate.
Pass rate:
40% White
20% Yellow
15% Saffron
10% Glaze
10% Sunstroke
5% Maneater

Tied to Hibiscus, Water Hyacinth, Azalea, Fuchsia, & Protea

For all the fuchsia flower bases out there, I initially meant it for just Hibiscus, but I thought it would be great if all the flower craftables can get it too
Pass rate:
20% Pomegranate
15% Pink
15% Tyrian
15% Red
15% Sunset
15% Peach
5% Albinoid

Tied to Demiurge

The Demiurge most likely has very pale Lavender eyes, but I tried my hand at recreating his eye color anyway. It's much paler than the in-game app anyway.
Pass rate:
25% Comet
20% Lavender
20% Violet
20% Indigo
10% Amethyst
5% Starshine
5% Dawn

Tied to Spectre & Penumbra

Something duller to balance out the brighter eye colors on this post. It's not all eyestrain guys!
Pass rate:
50% Umbra
30% Smoke
10% Black
10% White

Tied to Copper, Brass, & Bronze

Swahili for "copper" or "brass". Going for that glossy metal look. Meant for common bases. It has 2 recolors, Fedha & Dhahabu.
50% Shaba
30% Brown
10% Bronze
10% Cognac

Tied to Argent, Chartreaux, Maltese, & Platinum

Swahili for "silver". Meant for uncommon & rare bases.
40% Fedha
30% Gray
20% Seafoam
10% Silver

Tied to Mobola, Asali, Dhahabi, & Maziwa

Swahili for "gold". Meant for the more common special bases, specifically the NCL exclusives.
30% Dhahabu
30% Amber
20% Saffron
20% Sunstone

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2023-09-19 08:28:41

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Posted on
2024-01-03 04:10:15
I NEED radiant and verdant!!

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Posted on
2024-02-05 15:33:01

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Posted on
2024-03-23 13:30:02
I need nectar

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