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2023-11-02 00:54:42

I was recently creating designs within the wardrobe and noticed that all Mottled Fissure markings appear to have coloration underneath the chin/down the neck except for the default female pose.

I have used White Mottled Fissures on Noctis base as an example here.

I also noticed some inconsistencies in how much white is on the neck in the different Adult Female poses

I have, once again, used White Mottled Fissures on Noctis base as an example here.

Kind has no extra coloration going down in between the front legs, Good pose has some extra coloring, and Evil and Neutral appear to have the most amount out of all of them. Jolly pose seems to be an in between when compared to all of them, not a lot but not a little coloration on the neck and chest.

Also notice the difference in intensity of the rings on the tail in each pose, the amount of them, and the space between them. It seems to vary widely. Good pose also has a lot more coloration on the front legs than in any other pose.

If anyone else has anything more to add, please feel free! These are just what I noticed the most, and would love to see adjusted so the marking is more consistent as it's one of my favorites!

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