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2024-02-01 09:01:28
hello hi!! as the title currently suggests, im trading away a bunch of items for heart shells!

ill be using previous years conversion rates (1 gb = 10 heart shells) in order to depict how many heart shells you will have to pay for for specific items! items will be traded automatically once tier 3 is unlocked, so consider this a reservation type of thing! as the event just began, you should hopefully have more than enough time to save up!

without further ado, the items in question:

mutie on demand: patches (cross) (600 heart shells)
mutie on demand: piebald (cracked) (1250 heart shells)
mutie on demand: piebald (splashed) (750 heart shells)
mutie on demand: piebald (ticked) (80 heart shells)
mutie on demand: primal (80 heart shells)

lion scrotum x2

dust: kunzite (x2)
applicator: blue lace
applicator: hyena stripes scarce
applicator: lilac lace
applicator: lycaon heavy
applicator: proteles scarce
applicator: red lace
decennial base
eye applicator: demon, eldritch, fierce red, intense blood (x2)
feast of (april) fools
fragments: peridot
rime markings
token of anubis
uplifted flare markings
valiant markings

for clarification-- the reason why only the mods have prices is due to just how many things ive got.. it'd take so long to find the prices for everything and i just dont have that kind of motivation LOOLLL

thank you in advance!!

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