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2024-03-01 14:59:13
With February's ability to image block, many players assumed there would be that implementation in this month as well with the intense gore. However, we were disappointed to find that there was no image blocking to be found. I, and I assume others, would like for this to be changed. However, I offer a couple of different options for the change.

Implementation A will be to implement it for February and March, but also January and August as they have disturbing imagery. This implementation will restrict it to only the event encounters.

Implementation B (Preferable for me), will be to implement it to every encounter. Allow players to choose what encounter they would like to block, whether or not it is an event or a regular encounter.

Implementation C is to take Implementation B and to only apply it to event encounters. Players can block any event encounters, but cannot block regular encounters.

My reason for preferring option B is that everyone has different reactions to images. Something that makes me uncomfortable could be fine for the next person. (Someone may want to censor the pile of poop.)

This suggestion has 29 supports and 3 NO supports.

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Posted on
2024-03-01 15:08:36
yep made one too!
2x the teamwork!!

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